Rugby World Cup 2011

I was fortunate to attend Thrive 2008 at Aotea square on Thursday and was quite fascinated with what Martin Snedden (CEO Rugby New Zealand 2011 Ltd.) had to say.

With the obvious concerns regarding whether New Zealand had the infrastructure to deal with and event of this scale he seems to have the right attitude – pointing out that this is our chance to show the world what a ‘small country like New Zealand’ can do!

The was a very concerned message that the recent media portrayal of the average New Zealander is ‘something we should try not to be’ …. was not sure exactly what in particular he was referring to, but I liked his pun when he said “New Zealand is mad about Rugby, look back at the last few months and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about”.

I reckon Transfercar is just what New Zealand needs to cope with all that travel over the World Cup – I mean, driving around relocation cars for free between matches…this could be New Zealand’s new ‘tourist attraction’!!….’Transfercar, makes up for God giving us crazy aas petrol prices!’ =P

ps – bad news: expect ‘international ticket prices’ with the humongous costs involved in the bid for hosting rights!

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