How to request your free standby relocation car or campervan with Transfercar

For all our new or prospective relocation drivers, here’s a little bit of info on how to request a standby car or campervan on transfercar and

Step 1: Register as a driver.

  • Remember to sign up for email alerts for specific routes you are looking for or just to hear what new vehicles are being listed daily.

Step 2: Log in to or and look for the relocation car or campervan that suits your destination.

  • Be aware that the dates specified are the earliest and latest pick up and drop off dates  and you are given a certain amount of days between these dates to drive the vehicles.

Step 3: Request a vehicle by clicking on the ‘drive it free” link next to the standby listing and enter in the details requested.

  • You are asked to enter in your credit card details. These details are for our security only and do not go to the owners.
  • An email is then sent to the owner with your request. They will respond by email within 48 hours giving you their contact details.

That’s it! Easy!

Remember to check your spam box if you do not hear back within around 24 hours as our messages may have gotten caught up there.

Happy free travelling!!!

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