Fun things to do when camping in the rain

Camping in the rainAs winter creeps up on us, the sun shines a little less and the rain falls a little more. This is fine if you are snuggled up in a nice warm house, but what if you’re camping or in a campervan or motorhome? Not always so much fun, especially with children on board.

It’s not all that bad though, especially if you have a few winter ideas up your sleeve and some extra coins in your pocket from the savings of travelling in a free rental:

  • Form a band with pots and pans as instruments
  • Great fun with the kids, but be prepared for some resistance from fellow campers!
  • Put on a talent show
  • Suit up with boots and raincoats and go outside anyway
  • Hey, it’s only rain! If you have access to showers and a washing machine, make a mud slide. The kids and adults will love you for it.
  • Put on a puppet show
  • Playing cardsCards
  • We all know a few card games, and even better if there are a mixed bag of nationalities on board. Try out a couple from each person’s country. Snap and go fish must be pretty universal!
  • Blind Hide-And-Seek
  • This is a fun game to play anytime, rain or shine, for groups of two or more. It is especially helpful in cases where there is nowhere to hide in a traditional version of the game, or if children have outgrown their favorite hiding places. The individual who is “it” is blind folded and placed in the middle of a room. All other players “hide” by placing themselves in any location, but within sight. All players must remain silent while the blind folded party scoots and feels their way around the room, trying to “find” the hidden parties. Once players have determined their hiding place, they may not move until they are found or when the blind folded party gives up.
  • Have a picnic on the floor
  • Play scrabble
  • Play Boggle
  • BoggleBring paper and a pencil. Then you can play Hangman, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Dots
  • Play Chess
  • Read a book or tell a story
  • Nothing like a homemade little thriller for the older kids to create. Each make up a character for every person on board and create your own ghost story!
  • Play monopoly
  • Terrestrial Trivia!
  • The woods are full of creatures and you don’t have to be an expert to spark some species speculation. Pick an animal – Where do they go when it’s raining? What do they eat? Where do they sleep? How do they communicate?
  • Crank up the music and dance in your pajamas
  • Have a limbo contest
  • Create face masks with paper plates and popsicle sticks
  • A game of TwisterTwister
  • Never heard of it? No way! This is a bit of fun for all ages, well not all…..ok not for those who can’t balance, bend, stretch and twist themselves around other bodies. Fun if you can though!
  • Make a collage from old magazines and newspapers
  • Play charades
  • Boxing Bottle Caps
  • Place a long table against a wall, length facing out. On the table, right up to the wall, place an empty, coverless egg carton. Players stand two feet away from the table, try to toss bottle caps into the egg compartments. Each player gets five bottle caps, scores five points for each cap that lands in any one of the four corner compartments, one point for each cap landing in any one of the other eight sections.
  • Bake!!

If nothing else, you can browse on your phone for a dream RV camper, rv loan providers these days are easy going as long as you have the right track record. With an RV, rain will never get in the way and playing cards in an RV living room is nice way to spend a rainy day with the family.
Here’s a website with other great ideas:

The Ultimate camp resource

Have fun!

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