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How to Pack for a Road Trip – Pack it Up, Pack it in

You’ve got your mates, maps and a sweet rental, but if you don’t pack right for your road trip, it could end up costing you. Here are some packing tips from some of our experts.

Make a List

You’re not an elephant, which means you’re going to forget things, important things that will ruin your life, well, maybe just your trip. So, get all Martha Stewart on your bad self and make a list of everything you’re going to need like sunglasses and sunscreen to extra undies. By planning in advance, you won’t miss any travel necessities. At the top of your awesome list should be proper documentation, navigation materials, and mobile phones and chargers.

Ring the Alarm

Make sure your car is kitted out with a spare tire (you easily find tires in Red Deer, as well as other auto stuff), a jack and some jumper cables. Have a set of spare keys on hand too, in case you accidentally lock them in the car, stupid. Bringing along the basics like ibuprofen, antacids, bug repellent, a small first aid kit, and hand sanitizer will make your life easier if the situation gets real.. Oh, if you’ve got anyone in the car that’s prone to motion sickness, let them off at the first gas station. Or bring some Dramamine if that seems too harsh.


This is probably the most important thing. Ever. I’m going to assume that you and your pals have somewhat similar tastes in music, but it’s a good idea to set up some musical boundaries. Like, no Britney. No Cher. ABSOLUTELY NO NICKELBACK. Get everyone to bring their own iPods and make sure there are enough earphones to go around, that way if not everyone’s into your 1980’s hip hop remixes, they can escape.

All the Foods

Do you want to gain 5kg on your road trip and be mistaken for a beached whale at the beach? No? Then be sure to pack all the fruits and veg. Prepping in advance can save you money and pounds. Bring along Ziploc bags of cut up carrots and broccoli, and keep some healthy dips in your cooler. Because you have to bring a cooler, yo. Not for beersies, but for water. Pack some sammies for your first day on the road, and go nuts on sides: chips, pretzels, and granola bars all travel well. Bring some mints or gum for after.


Yeah your smartphone is super awesome, but there’s no ‘us’ in Candy Crush. Well, actually there is, but bring a Frisbee or a ball anyway, or a deck of cards for some Crazy 8’s action. If you’re traveling with spawn, bring some kid friendly activity gear like a portable DVD player, laptops and iPads unless you want to hear the eternal chorus of “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”  Books are cool too, and they make you look smart.

Another tip is to check if your car lock is functioning properly as no one wants to end up have problems with it. Last time I was on a road trip I had to call Locksmith in Edmond Oklahoma. It’s good the guys fixed everything very quickly as I was worried I will be behind my schedule.

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  1. a few tools….a towrope and a shovel doesn’t go amiss either… toilet paper

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