Things to do in Melbourne

The world’s Most Liveable City has quite the reputation to live up to, but Melbourne delivers on all of the expectations placed upon her. Voila a short list of the Things You Must Do or Die in Melbourne. They’re very easy, don’t be scared…

First things first, you’ve just driven miles to get here so you probably need a COFFEE. If you don’t like coffee, then just leave now, because Melbourne is basically the Coffee Capital of Australia. It’s a city built on café culture, like her great European counterparts Paris and Rome.

Melbourne has hundreds of sexy, independent cafes who each have their own unique design, beans and sweets. The cities best cafes can be found in every suburb and in the downtown concrete jungle. But where you really want to be is in…

…Melbourne’s laneway cafes and bars. The laneways of Melbs are like a sneaky-styley underground labyrinth of cool.  Whatever it is you’re into, you’re going to find it in the lanes. These incredible art-bombed alleys are covered in exquisite graffiti and sculptures that often serve as addresses for hideaway bars and shops. Amongst the caffeine dens and cocktail bars, you’ll be dropping your money on the most glorious food in all of Australia. Old faves like Pellegrini’s snuggle up against trend setting restaurants like Movida. Hardware Lane and Centre Place are dying to feed you: give in. Eat all of the foods. And once you’re done, keep moving down the lanes, pop into a few galleries and try to fit yourself into some clothes from Somerset Place and Rankins Lane. But they won’t fit. Because you ate all the foods. The best thing for you now, and for your new-found curves, is to take a long walk to The Queen Victoria Market.

Yes, there is much more food here, and you’re full, but you’re also on vacation so stop whining and get eating! This is the largest open air market in the Southern Hemisphere and it’s that fabulous that it’s been listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. ‘Queen Vic’ is the beating heart of Melbourne for a reason. Spread out over two entire city blocks, it’s a vibrant and bustling inner-city Market where you’ll find anything from Aussie fruit and veg, diverse arrays of local and imported gourmet foods, to clothing, cosmetics and souvenirs. Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Markets is the Queen of all markets so… bow down.

Right about now, you’ve rested and digested and it’s time to see some nature. Hit the Great Ocean Road. Rightly called the most stunning drive not only in Australia, but the entire WORLD, (and therefore maybe the UNIVERSE), don’t even think about not seeing this road, ok? It’s 243km of pure, eye-melting beauty along the Victorian Coast. The vistas and views will not only kill you with their staggering beauty but the sunset, voted one of Australia’s Top 10 Sunsets (yes, it’s a thing), will destroy you with its awesome power. You’ll never look at the sun in the same way again. Be prepared for complete transformation, baby, you’re under Melbourne’s spell now.

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