Fantasy Trip #1: Backpacking through Australia

The idea of backpacking through Australia is enough to get me saying: Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi! Oi! Oi!

But man, this country is big. Where do you even start when planning a trip through OZ? We’ve compiled some easy steps and if you listen to us, everything’s gonna be fair dinkum.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

First, if you’re not already there, buy a ticket. And then hand the rest over to us! There is no better way to see Australia on your own terms than by car but it can be expensive. With Transfercar, the fees are so low that you’ll be able to spend most of your damn heavy Aussie coins on things that matter, like beer and barbeque. Do you really want to spend your days on a cramped bus? Do you want to miss the breathtaking scenery by flying? No, you don’t. So man up! Or lady up and take your trip into your own hands by driving one of our cars!

Pack It Up

Australia is hot so tank tops, board shorts and flip flops can take you a long way. Pack for comfort and not style. You’re not a runway, sweetie and I don’t see a modelling contract so stock up on some light, easy drying comfy clothes. When you hit the big cities like Sydney and Melbs, you can trawl the multitude of shops and fix yourself up real pretty. Be sure to pack some essentials like a flashlight, first aid kit (there’s a lot of critters that bite over here!), a quick-dry towel, and a tough water bottle.

Money Talks

Make sure you’ve got enough money to take you through to the finish line. If you’re planning on backpacking for more than 3 months, look into getting a work visa or even do some woofing on farms. And I don’t mean barking.

Sleep is for Suckahs

But you want to be well rested in order to fight off all those crocodiles that’ll be hunting you down. I mean, so you can have an enjoyable trip… YHA or HI hostels are always the way to go. Camping is a possibility if you’re not fussed about all the wild animals, especially the poisonous ones.  Hostels are great places to meet other like-minded travellers and, of course, to pick up hotties.


One of the best parts of travelling is the food. But, restaurants can be expensive so you might want to hit the grocery store instead. Cooking your own food is the best way to save money while backpacking and good hostels have well stocked kitchens with the frying pans and plates needed to make a good meal.

Wolf Creek

So, um, DON’T watch this movie before backpacking through Australia. Like seriously, don’t. But if do watch it and you get stuck in Wolf Creek, give us call and we’ll get you outta there pronto.

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