Backpacking tips for the student traveller!

At last! There is a decent break between study long enough to do some travelling! What better way to see the world this holiday season than to pack a bag and head off to backpack with top anti theft backpack around some astounding places? To have a good backpacking trip, it is vital that a few key things are decided before you go. So here are some great tips on how to backpack when you are a student.

The Backpack

You are about to get your backpack and heft it onto your shoulder, and then stride out the door to become as free as a bird! There is just one problem; half your stuff won’t fit, and the stuff that does is causing back problems; you feel like an elderly person already! Here is the best packing order according to a backpack expert from, so you can stride with purpose and grace, instead of shuffling with pain and agony.

1.  At the bottom, pack your sleeping bag and mat. If you don’t have a sleeping bag visit instash and get one. Your bag will have a zip to open the bottom, so you can access these easily.

2.  Then in go the shoes (not your walking boots)

3.  Then goes the stuff that you doubt you will look at, but need to have; like very thick jumpers.

4.  Gadgets and breakable souvenirs should go in next, nestled in safely.

5.  Then CLOTHES!! To save space, roll your clothes. And have your ‘unmentionables’ in a drawstring bag…or you will wear the same pair A LOT as the rest will be lost to the depths of the bag. And check out good wool manufacturers in order to buy some warm clothes and not get cold in any trip.

6. Have a second drawstring bag for dirty laundry, and try not to confuse them!

7.  Then place the cooking pan (with stuff crammed inside it) on top of the clothes and laundry.

8.  Finally, your rain jacket, for easy access

9.  In the top pocket place everything small, that would otherwise hide and not be seen until the great unpack after the trip; lip balm, sunscreen, first aid kit, tissue, hat etc

10.  Remember, pack into the corners stuffing them with things that are unlikely to be used; like the hat and gloves you packed just in case Egypt got snow…

A backpacking adventure can either be one of the best experiences in life or could turn out to be horrifying, depending on the preparations and precautions you take before embarking on that journey.  Visit to know how you can make the best out of your backpacking adventure.

Solo or Group?

Who are you going to backpack with? Are going to be a solo Stanley, or head off round the world with your best mate, or are you wanting to go in a big group of all your friends? There are pros and cons to all. Solo means you don’t have to worry about other people, if you love a city, then break out the spontaneity and just stay a while longer. The feeling of freedom can be awesome. However, it can also be more expensive, and as a student, low cost travel is much better for those loans… Heading off with your best mate seems like a rockin’ idea, it will be cheap, you can split the cost of rooms and food between you. Plus there is an added safety bonus; they have your back.  If your best friend is the stay at home type, or wants to travel but you have different ideas of where to spend the holidays, then you could join a bigger backpacking group.  If you get a group big enough that entire dorms are booked out at the hostel by you, and you can get group discounts at museums and tourist spots, then this is a great idea. But, it requires A LOT of planning!! You will need some serious gear, take the best lightweight backpack by Alpine bear for example, it has everything a savvy backpacker would need. Check out what others are doing with it too, you’ll learn wisdom beyond your years and everything has to be booked way in advance, and you have to stick to the schedule.

Where to stay?

Where are you going to stay? A hostel is great fun, you get to meet loads of people and make friends from all over the world. They can also be a great, cheap option for the student traveller. It’s a good idea to have your sleeping bag ready, just in case they don’t provide sheets (or you don’t want to use them) and  in a hostel you won’t  have much privacy.  If you do go with the hostel option, always dibs the bottom bunk as ladders are hard to navigate after a few beers at the backpacking bar. A campervan is great if you are travelling with a small group of friends and you can all split the cost. In a campervan, you won’t have to worry about thieves or ‘that guy’. You can often get amazing deals on travelling with campervans (and the very best deals are with Transfercar), so keep your beady wee eye out for them.  Just make sure you can cover the cost of petrol. Camping is another option, and is good for if you are walking across a country or something similar, just make sure there are good, safe, camping spots dotted all over where you plan on strolling.

How shall you travel?

How are you going to get there? Planes are fast, but expensive and you don’t get to see the countryside. If you have a campervan, you are already covered, but for other situations a car might be best. Backpacking and road trips is an awesome combination and definitely worth considering. Bikes are also good if you are not planning on going a million miles in one day.

Where shall you go?

Finally- where are you going? There are many amazing places to backpack or to travel around cheaply if you do it right. Just remember to balance it, for one expensive city you can probably see three non-expensive cities, so maybe go to  Los Angeles, and then check out the secret places in California . Head to  Australia and drive through the Outback.  Other options can be to pick a cheaper place, like Dunedin or Adelaide and just spend a long time there, you will get such an amazing knowledge of the place, and phenomenal experiences.

However you decide to travel this holiday season, Transfercar can help you. We have great campervan deals, and great car deals to get your where you need to go! Transfercar will help get you to the best backpacking destinations on the planet. So enjoy your gallivanting around the world!

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