The best travel videos of New Zealand

New Zealand is an incredibly beautiful country, so you may think everybody knows that… The truth is some people don’t! That’s why Tourism New Zealand and others are producing amazing videos to showcase the beauty of our country.  Here’s our selection.

Obviously Tourism New Zealand has a huge budget for this, and it shows. Their latest campaign is one of the best they’ve ever made:

Tourism New Zealand has just produced amazing 360 degrees videos! Use your mouse to move the image around! Here’s the one from Doubtful Sound:

Here’s the 360 video showcasing how fun Auckland can be:

Air New Zealand is equally or even more famous for producing fantastic safety videos that showcase the country… Our favourite is the one of Middle Earth!

Producing great videos isn’t just limited to the professionals! There are tons of young people out there who film their holidays with their GoPro. We particularly liked that one:

To finish, it’s easy to find videos of timelapses in ultra high quality (4K) on Youtube, check out this one for instance:




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