A Spectacular Autumn in New Zealand

A particularly awesome time to explore New Zealand is during the autumn, as the magnificent nature really bursts into deep shades of red and shimmering gold, and the calmer, cooler, and dryer weather allows for more heart-racing goings-on.

Both the North and South Islands have a lot to offer in terms of unique and varied activities, and wondrous sites to behold. New Zealand is a large country and the optimal way for explorers to get around is with a free transfer car or campervan. Here are some cool reasons as to why autumn is a striking season.

Bungee jumping for the bold

High above the Kawarau River stands a walkway bridge, and upon the bridge stand the brave, the bold, and the adrenaline junkies. As they teeter on the edge, heart racing, anticipating one of the most exciting experiences of a lifetime, they’ll be thinking whether to ramp up the thrill and choose to be able to touch the water or even get dunked in it on their way down. The professional staff here will have you in good hands should you choose to try the experience yourself, or simply have a great time watching your friends in admiration.

Smooth sailing and incredible scenery

Autumn allows for predictably calm waters which enable even the most timid of would-be sailors a chance to relax and see some spectacular sites up close and personal. Milford Sound is a remarkable area and the icon of the South Island. Full day excursions allow you to get deep into the heart of the sunken valleys and soak up the sites of many natural wonders such as Stirling Falls and rainforests that cling to the mountainsides.

Darting Jet Boats in the wilderness

Over at Mount Aspiring National Park which is a world heritage site, you can explore the Dart River Valley by dashing around in a jet boat that gets you to places that you could not normally reach. You will be immersed in the lush scenery as you take an exhilarating ride down the weaving river and will get the chance to learn about innumerable Maori Legends and the area’s rich history. You’ll even get to spend a bit of time in the ancient atmospheric forests where you will witness an abundance of birdlife.

Rejuvenating mud bathing

Towards the centre of the North Island on routes between Auckland and Wellington, you’ll find Rotorua and Taupo, concentrated areas of geothermal activity which are a hotspot for mud pools, geysers, and hot springs. The area attracts visitors all year round but is perfect for taking warm, healing, mud baths in autumn as the surrounding temperature drops slightly.

Over on the South Island, the ominously named ‘Hell’s Gate’ waits for you, but don’t worry – the term comes from the many natural attractions such as mud volcanoes and hot waterfalls.

The night skies are out of this world

As the autumnal nights roll in, clouds dissipate leaving the night sky a deep canvas speckled with glittering stars and planets which you can easily enjoy with the naked eye, or if you prefer an even closer look, with a visit to one of the many observatories.

There’s nothing quite like a proper stargazing adventure far from civilization.  One such place is the south side of Lake Tekapo, which is a great spot due to low light pollution and Cowan’s Observatory which will allow you to see the Milky Way through very powerful telescopes.

Amazing seasonal landscapes

In New Zealand, there are many precious locations that offer impressive views. The aforementioned Lake Tekapo which the daytime reveals is a magnificent expanse that combines deep blue waters that contrast blazing, rusty trees, clasped by snow-capped peaks. It’s no wonder that this is one of the most snapped areas in the country. Not far to the southeast, you’ll find Mount Cook, the highest peak in Australasia It’s really a sight to behold and the breathtaking surroundings will beg you to hike across the land.

There is so much to see and do all around New Zealand, from the activities that are thrilling and breathtaking, to those relaxing and pampering, so what are you waiting for? Take advantage of a free campervan rental and properly experience New Zealand this autumn.II

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