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Bloggers Retained as Social Media Strategists for the U.N. Global Sustainable Tourism Council

April 11, 2012 by Ethan Gelber | What what would happen if the power of tourism were better harnessed as a force for positive change in the world? A question that’s been asked for decades, it has found far-reaching echo in a strategic coalition of vocal advocates under the United Nations umbrella. And now it’s got a social media strategy too. Read more at If you want more information, please contact us on [email protected] Or if you are just keen to get going, go ahead and...Read More

Social Seating Is Not For All, But It Works For Some

Airlines have been experimenting with social seating recently, but how successful is it? The idea that you could use social media to meet people while on a flight, seems to provoke extreme reactions, people either love the idea or hate it. A number of airlines, like Lufthansa, Air France and Virgin Atlantic, have experimented with social media applications for their passengers in recent years, with some creating closed social networks for their frequent flyers, but the rapid technical development of the ...Read More

A Guide to Guaranteed Reservations: Has the Time Finally Come?

ACE walks us through the company’s guaranteed reservations initiative. Early results reveal the process is working, from both a cost savings and customer service standpoint. Read the full article at Auto Rental News By Craig Parmerlee, February 2012 in Rental Operations For free relocation cars  in New Zealand and free standby cars in Australia check out and...Read More

Hertz Launches New Sustainability Strategy

February 13, 2012 in Rental Operations, Green Fleet The Hertz Corp. on Feb. 7 introduced “Living Journey,” which is a new corporate sustainability strategy for the company. Smart Mobility is one of the program’s strategic initiatives, which will include providing customers with fuel-efficient vehicle rental options that use clean, low-emissions technology such as electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids. Other initiatives seek to minimize the company’s environmental footprint and operating costs...Read More

Tips for bargain backpacking in Australia

Posted on Tuesday 07 February 2012 in Australia By Dylan Thomas Exploring the 7.6 million square miles of Australia’s outback is a daunting task for any backpacker on a tight budget. Travelling between Melbourne and Sydney, the two most populous cities in Australia, can thin an already-slimming wallet. More backpackers are resorting to hopping on the train to get to-and-from ideal destinations, and hostels remain jam-packed with people trying to save a few dollars. Read...Read More

Stolen Vehicles and Getting Associates to Understand Their Responsibilities in Prevention

Learn how to get your staff to understand their responsibility in helping to prevent theft, and also get some quick tips on how to set your operations apart from local competitors. Full article at Auto Rental News For free cars and campervans that you don’t have to steal to get a free ride in check out our free relocation cars in Australia and our free relocation cars in New...Read More