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Transfercar investment opportunity

Transfercar is now in its 5th year of running an online vehicle relocation service that enables rental car companies to drastically reduce costs in transportation services, while offering a way for travelers to travel for free. Our business model offers a real win-win-win scenario, where the drivers get to drive a car for free, Transfercar gets paid for providing a driver, and the rental car companies save on relocation...Read More

Email problems in the weekend

On Saturday our email sending service decided to disable our account. The reason was that someone had reported our emails as SPAM. The account was disabled immediately and without warning. No emails from Transfercar last weekend We didn’t see the email until Sunday after some of you called us about not receiving emails. And from there on it took another 18 hours before we were able to get hold of someone at and convinced them that we are not in the business of sending SPAM. Transfercar...Read More

Small updates to the site

I have made some updates to the site today. Mostly cosmetic changes here and there to make the site more usable. However on the front page there are some new stuff; A link and a signup button to our Facebook page. A link to our Twitter page A video presentation of Transfercar on YouTube. Will be back to make it all look a bit cleaner in the near future...Read More

Vote for Transfercar on Facebook

Transfercar needs your support! Install the app at and vote for Transfercar at the “Kick-start. [network:StartUP] is a global community designed to assist online Start-UPs. Every week they will be sending their entire group of thousands of visitors to one lucky Start-UP (Transfercar) and provide a major traffic spike and hopefully a lot of new users. You can help Transfercar by voting for them at Start-UP with on their Kick-Start my Start-UP Facebook App. So install...Read More

New video presentation out

Two weeks ago we had a fun day (more fun than usual) here at Transfercar when [business:Made From New Zealand] came up from Wellington and did a video shoot of us. We started out filming outside the University of Auckland Business School (where the idea to Transfercar first was developed). Then we moved down to the car yard at Jucy Rental Cars (they happened to be close, sorry to all the other rental companies that didn’t get the same exposure!). And Tim Alpe, CEO at Jucy gave us a raving...Read More