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Destination Australia: Coober Pedy, “The Opal Capital of the World”

Things looking dull in the city? Or maybe you’re looking for somewhere stunning as you visit Australia? The opal city of the world, located in the Australian Outback, is sure to brighten up your life. Coober Pedy’s shining history In the early 1900s a team in search for gold came across something more extraordinary. While wandering in the painted desert looking for water they stumbled upon traces of Opal. Reacting quickly and laying claim to the area, the Stuart Range Opal Field was...Read More

Where do you stay when you relocate with Transfercar?

People who drive with Transfercar come from all walks of life and relocate with us for a huge number of reasons. In our 2013 survey we asked you for stories from your relocations with us and found you liked staying at a number of places in a number of different ways… Some of you decide to sleep on the go inside one of our camper-vans “We used Melbourne cup weekend to have a minibreak to new zealand and transfered a camper from christchurch to auckland the weather was miserable but we had a great...Read More

Getting the relocation you want with Transfercar

Transfercar is all about getting you a cheap car to take you from A to B in a relaxing and worry free way. In this post we’re reinforcing that mission by telling you exactly how to find and get the car relocation booking you want. Our insider tips show you  the best way to use Transfercar.  There’s a bit more to it because the relocations listed are  by rental car companies and some of the local movers, not us personally. But we’re here to make sure those companies live up to their promise...Read More

Transfercar Relocation Stories | Jaran, Burleigh Heads

We’re always amazed and excited by the stories we hear from your relocations that we just HAD to capture them in some way! Ideas have been flying for a while now and we’ve come up with the Transfercar Relocation Stories videos. Out of all the stories we receive we’ll be selecting a few to transform into videos for you to view. See the sights, routes and experiences that others have had with Transfercar and you might get a great idea for your next...Read More