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The Wonders of Rangitoto

Rangitoto is a magical island that has it all! It is the perfect place to go this summer because it has something for everyone to enjoy! Swimaholics will get their fill from diving and snorkelling, and mellow strollers will enjoy leisurely forest walks.  The island has great stories about its origins and history; from fascinating geological sights to fantastic local myths, from historical war defence buildings to adventurous shipwrecks. The island is home to so much fun and adventure! Rangitoto is the...Read More

Northland New Zealand Roadtrip

My finger traces the map, following Northlands Twin Coast Discovery route in New Zealand. It’s been fun planning this trip to the ‘far north’ and now, behind the wheel of my rental, I’m off – first stop the coastal village of Tutukaka. Checking into the elegant hotel I’m soon relaxing on my room’s balcony which overlooks the marina.  Tomorrow I’ll be off on one of those boats to explore the waters around the Poor Knights Island, a 25-year old marine reserve that has warm currents from the...Read More

Kicking Back in Kaikoura

The natural wonders in Kaikoura are simply unbeatable here in New Zealand. This seaside settlement is a winding 2.5 hour drive from Christchurch, 1.5 hours from Blenheim and only 2 hours from Picton. With your free Transfercar rental, getting here is literally a breeze! No longer just a pit stop for peeps travelling between CHCH and Picton, Kaikoura is a top destination for international visitors. Let me tell you why… New Zealand’s Sea World Kaikoura is infamous for its wealth of marine activities. From...Read More

Transfercar: the ideal travel buddy

Attention money-starved travellers! Have you heard of Transfercar yet, the successful Australasian car relocation company?! No?! Well, listen up because here are the deets. Transfercar has officially launched in the US this August to the delight of poor travellers from Texas to Cali. Transfercar provides an online service that facilitates contact between rental car companies that need to relocate their cars and YOU, the cash-strapped travellers eager to drive these free rental cars all over the place. The...Read More

Rocking Out in Rotorua

Hey…what’s that smell?! It’s the sweet smelling sulphur of Rotorua.  If you’re travelling around the North Island of New Zealand, you’ve got to stop in what the locals refer to as ROTOVEGAS. Locals are silly! It’s not a casino town! This is a spa town, so get ready to get down and dirty in the mud. Mud is your Bud Rotorua’s geothermal water and mineral-enriched muds are absolute must-do’s. These rejuvenating therapies spring from Rotorua’s thermal activity and you won’t see...Read More
auckland skytower

Auckland Sky Tower – I believe I Can Fly!

Auckland cops a lot of flak in NZ because, well, it’s the best. No really, it is. Sure, it may not be a hipster capital (I’m looking at you, Wellington), but it’s a bustling big city that can compete with other world beauties like Vancouver or Seattle. If you’ve only a got a few days in NZ’s biggest city, then there is One Thing You Must Absolutely Do in Auckland. But it’s a secret, sooo, this is awkward…. Ok, fine, I’ll tell you. It’s the Sky Tower. You’ve got to do the Auckland Sky...Read More