Queenstown photo by PL

Queenstown for non-skiers

Queenstown might be a winter paradise for skiers and boarders, but there’s plenty to do if you don’t feel like swishing down the slopes. The region is also renowned as the ”adventure capital of the world” and for its great party scene, but those who aren’t in their 20’s anymore can also enjoy soft adventures and wonderful pinot noir. Here’s our selection of some of the best things that non-skiers can do: Funyak Safaris on the Dart River Combine wilderness jet boating...Read More
the way you travel

7 websites that could change the way you travel

True, there are tons of travel websites out there, and sometimes it seems like it’s only worth our time checking the giants in that space: TripAdvisor, Booking.com, Airbnb, Kayak… who isn’t addicted to those already? The good news is that among the thousands of travel websites and apps, there are a handful of interesting ones that are still worth our time. They can actually help you travel smarter. Here are some of our favourite new ideas. 1. Oyster This has to be one of our favourites. Oyster...Read More
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Discover the magic of Western Australia

Western Australia (WA) is so huge and so lightly populated that most of it is just pure wilderness. It is Australia’s final frontier! Perth is the country’s sunniest capital city, offering a vast array of amazing sunsets over the ocean. It blends urban cool with spectacular nature and provides a good start to your Western Australia adventure. There are plenty of bars and restaurants and a very decent choice of beautiful wineries nearby. Follow the coast up North and discover some of the world’s most...Read More

Australia’s winter: skiing, snowboarding and snowy mountains

Australia isn’t the first place that comes to mind when planning a winter holiday, especially when skiing, snowboarding or snowmen are on the cards. What comes to mind are sun drenched beaches, wild kangaroos and babes in bikinis along with vast expanses of outback terrain and reptiles! The fact is, skiing is definitely a happening thing in OZ, with around 15 ski resorts that offer anything from the basic cross country trails to full commercial villages! The ski season generally runs from June until...Read More

New Zealand Winter: Skiing, snowboarding and extreme fun

People travel from all over the world to ski in New Zealand and it’s not surprising why. Blessed with snow-kissed mountains that stand as high as 3,700 metres and huge volcanoes covered with fresh powder, New Zealand is a ski and snowboarding paradise. The ski season starts around mid-June and closes around the beginning of October, offering 4 months of play time for the serious and casual riders. Slopes range from the totally novice to extreme black diamond skill levels and if you want that...Read More

Transfercar crew on awesome US road trip!

After our successful attendance at Collision conference in Las Vegas earlier this month, we decided to get back to San Francisco by transferring an RV. Why fly when you can take a bit of time to check out the fantastic scenery that’s offered in this part of the world? We booked the free rental RV on Transfercar using my personal account and we therefore acted as a mystery client. The whole transfer process was very smooth, so this reiterated to me what a great service we offer! You just have to...Read More