Drive the Great Southern Touring Route

Grab a free rental car from Melbourne and drive the Great Southern Touring Route. Here’s what we reckon you should do: Melbourne to Torquay Drive past the distinctive humps of The You Yangs, a favourite with mountain bikers and rock climbers, and you’ll know your journey has begun. In the pretty port of Geelong, you can set the seaside mood by wandering along the 100-plus painted bollards on the city’s shorefront.  Just beyond the city centre is the turnoff for the Great Ocean Road and Torquay – a...Read More
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The Grand Pacific Drive: Sydney to Wollongong and Beyond…

Drive your free rental car south out of Sydney and through the Royal National Park to begin the cliff-hugging Grand Pacific Drive. Stop to swim, surf or picnic at Stanwell Tops, where you can also take in stunning coastal views from the cliff-tops. Drive over the dramatic Sea Cliff Bridge, which spans 455 metres over the ocean, and into the scenic city of Wollongong. The drive boasts many great eateries from a casual lunch of fish n’ chips on the harbour to fine dining or beer tasting overlooking the ocean....Read More
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The Future of Car Travel

”Driving a vehicle is too dangerous for humans and will be outlawed when autonomous cars are proven to be safer”, claims Elon Musk, billionaire founder of electric car company Tesla. Despite the hype about driverless vehicles,  experts say that it would take 20 to 30 years before they could co-exist with existing vehicles in cities. However it is predicted that technology will take over from drivers in simpler situations such as traffic jams and parking within the next five years. Yes, in...Read More

Things to Do in Adelaide

Adelaide is known as Australia’s most liveable city, and because of that, it is also an easy one for travelers to visit and get to know better. It doesn’t take much for a visitor to get around, especially since it is also known as the 20 minute city. In other words: It’s not an overwhelming place to travel like Sydney might be with its traffic and far-reaching suburbs and attractions. When you arrive after catching a budget flight, here are some of the things to do in...Read More

Crazy about rugby but gonna be on the road? No panic, we’ve got you sorted!

To the rugby fans out there, we have some real good news: You can be on the road AND follow the Rugby World Cup 2015, so there’s no reason to stop relocating cars Here’s our guide to watching the games while on the road,  and the best pubs for some rugby action in the main cities of New Zealand. WATCH THEM ONLINE You have a mobile phone plan with data, and don’t want to leave that comfy campa bed? Great, you can watch the games from anywhere directly on your smartphone screen! All you...Read More

Our new date picker explained

You may have noticed that the date picker of our calendar comes in two versions now, depending on the relocation, and you’re wondering why is this?  Here’s a simple explanation: Typically when you rent a motorhome or campervan, the duration and price of the rental is based on the number of calendar days used, that is for example if you pick up on a Monday at 10 am and drop-off on a Thursday at 10 am, even though you’ve only been on the road for 72 hours, the operator will count 4...Read More