Wollongong for the Absolute Beginners

New South Wales imposes itself as one of the most beautiful areas in the Southern Hemisphere. While this Australian state is well-known for Sydney and its famous sights, it can offer much more attractions to curious tourists. One of the most interesting destinations in NSW is definitely the town of Wollongong. Situated about 50 miles south of Sydney, this place is a real heaven on the...Read More
Wolf Creek

Roads Less Traveled: Hidden Gems of the U.S

It’s never been cheaper to go to the U.S! Increased airline competition on routes between Los Angeles and New Zealand has pushed fares down as low as a few hundred dollars return, compared to about $2,000 on average a few months ago. This winter is therefore the perfect time to experience a summer road trip in America!  Here’s our selection of the perfect off-the-beaten-track...Read More
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New Zealand Road Trip for Wine Aficionados

Wine itineraries published in the Northern Hemisphere usually present wine regions from the Mediterranean countries as the most exciting destinations for wine aficionados. True, France, Italy and Spain unquestionably have their charm, but what about New Zealand?? We reckon Aotearoa is one the best destinations in the world for wine lovers, with boutique vineyard experiences that are unmatched...Read More
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Australian Road Trip Adventures: East or West?

Australia has vast empty spaces, beautiful landscapes and modern highways which represent a genuine treat to every road adventurer. There’s so much to discover, so where to start? In this article we tell you what you can expect if you make a trip along the West or East Coast. The West Quest Since most tourist itineraries dedicate more time and space to the East Coast, we are going...Read More

Carpooling: a smart way to share the cost of your relocation

Getting a free rental car is great, isn’t it? However you’ll often have to pay for all or part of the fuel used to relocate the car, and on long journeys you may spend over $100… The smartest way to keep costs down is to share the trip with friendly passengers and split the fuel bill. A trip from Christchurch to Auckland could end up costing you only $25 if you take a free rental car...Read More