Summer in the Coromandel Peninsula

Thanks to its golden beaches, relaxed seaside villages and stunning coastline, the Coromandel is a favourite holiday spot for Kiwis over summer. Providing the perfect complement to the Coromandel summer is the fine local food and fresh produce.  Artisan producers are dotted throughout the region – cheesemakers, brewers, and a few nice vineyards… The east coast boasts the best...Read More

Family-Friendly Springtime Activities in Adelaide

Adelaide is undoubtedly the crown jewel of the South Australian tourism, with an array of attractions and activities suited for all family members. With everything from glorious beaches and food festivals to cultural and historical routes, you can hardly find a reason not to visit this amazing place as the spring is approaching. Take a look at our selection of family-proof springtime activities...Read More

5 Reasons You Should (Re)Visit NZ’s North Island This Spring

If you live in the South Island, a trip up North is always worthwhile. Even if you live on the North Island, you haven’t seen it all. The variety of wonderful natural attractions and interesting cities is just too great. Here are 5 reasons why you should plan a spring road trip! Spring Festival in Wellington It’s logical that your spring visit to New Zealand and its North Island...Read More

The Strangest Overseas Driving Laws That Could Catch You Out

It’s hard enough trying to remember all the laws of your own country, let alone memorising those from overseas. When you’re next in any of these countries, make a note of these driving laws which could catch you out. Don’t stop for pedestrians – China Kicking it off with a doozy, this Chinese law actively encourages you to continue forwards, even if you see a pedestrian...Read More

Organising a Delivery – Ask a Friend, Rent a Truck or Book with Transfervans?

You just won an auction for a double mattress on Trademe. How do you get it home?  The team behind Transfercar has launched a new website to solve the problem of furniture delivery in a convenient and cost-efficient way. (Service limited to Auckland for now) Most of us are not so fortunate to own a vehicle that is suitable for transporting a bed. What to do? First, think of a friend or...Read More

Springtime Beach Escapades in Australia

Springtime is usually associated with beginnings, awakenings and other dynamic notions. So, no wonder Australia, vibrant and joyful, attracts so many people between September and November. Apart from the always popular city breaks, hiking tours and visits to outposts, the most in-demand destinations are the magnificent and renowned beaches. Despite the existence of coastline paradox, which...Read More