5 Good Reasons to Visit NZ’s South Island in Winter

When deciding on the itinerary for a trip to New Zealand’s South Island, most people have some reservations about whether it’s worth going there in winter. As it’s quite far south, the common idea is that the entire trip would be about footslogging through snowy winter tundra.  The reality is that New Zealand is quite a small country and there’s no big difference between the North and South Island. A lot of Kiwis claim that the South Island is wonderful in any season, particularly...Read More

5 Invigorating Day Hikes to Embark on in New Zealand

The following five invigorating day hikes will take you across the country, from the best spots in the North Island to the emerald lake gems in the central region and the adventure hotspots in the south. If you’ve been looking for extra information on the best hikes in New Zealand, you’ve come to the right place – all that’s left to be done is secure reliable transport such as renting a free transfer car so you needn’t worry about the time lost in between these spectacular locations. Ben...Read More

Queenstown for the Adventure Seekers: Adrenaline-Pumping Activities

Queenstown is a well-known adventure playground with a plenitude of ways to get your heartbeat up, adrenaline-pumping, and make you ask for more! Whether you get your jollies from extreme sports in the water, the sky, jumping off high places, or racing towards abyss on a downhill bike track, Queenstown, is the home of all that and more. That’s why it’s the self-proclaimed Adventure Capital of the World 🙂 The locals say they’re resilient people and their homeland made for adventure so...Read More

How to Enjoy a Truly Merry Kiwi Christmas

Being located way down in the South Pacific, New Zealand finds itself in the middle of summer at Christmas time, so the celebrations take on a completely different form – families typically flock to beaches, go swimming and stay outdoors as long as they wish, coming back indoors only for the festive dinner. Read on to learn how to have a jolly good time in the Christmas season in New Zealand.   What to Expect From a Kiwi Christmas  There’s no such thing as white Christmases in NZ...Read More

Travelling Safely in New Zealand in Times of Covid-19

As the global COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world, countries are doing their best to keep their people safe. Although travelling is quite difficult right now and many regions are off limits, exploring your own country and enjoying its beauties is still possible, provided you take all the necessary precautions. New Zealand is still at Alert Level 1, which means there are a lot of regulations everyone must abide by in order to protect themselves and others from the virus and its spreading. The rules are as...Read More

7 Breath-Taking Mountains in New Zealand Every Adventurer Must Discover

New Zealand is one of the most mountainous countries in the world if we compare its area with the number of mountains. A country that is a bit larger than the UK has more than twenty peaks higher than 3,000m. Such a variety of mountainous regions and high peaks make New Zealand an exciting spot for various adventures and adrenaline addicts. So, it’s time to rent a free campervan and organize a climbing trip around New Zealand. The mountains in this article are either the most popular or most...Read More