The Champagne Pool

Heading for a Dreamy NZ Winter Adventure

Who said you have to stay at home this winter? New Zealand is a great place to explore even during the cold months, as the roads are not congested, the snow-capped mountains look at their best and the thermal areas are particularly enjoyable at that time of the year. Transfercar has plenty of good deals in winter; check them out! Thermal pools Known as the pulsating heart of Maui’s...Read More

How to Truly Enjoy Cairns

The largest part of the Australian land still remains unknown for both Australian tourists and foreign visitors. While the majority of people go to Victoria and South New Wales or the Great Barrier Reef, Australia generously displays a variety of other natural and historical spots. The beautiful town of Cairns is one of such places. Its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and a strategic...Read More

US Road Trip: The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are considered one of the most dramatic landscapes of the USA. This region, known for skiing in winter, is ideal for road trips during the hot summer days. Our Free RVs can take you there. Denver – Idaho Springs (33 miles) The 40-minute drive from Denver to Idaho Springs will take through some of the most beautiful parks outside Denver, a perfect introduction to the...Read More

Exploring the Natural Wonders of NZ’s South Island

New Zealand’s South Island is undoubtedly one of the Earth’s gems when it comes to natural beauty. Being rich in flora and fauna alike and home to some of the most remarkable scenery spots in the world, narrowing the list and pinpointing only a several places worth visiting is an extremely hard task. With a lot of consideration and with absolute uniqueness as the primary criteria for...Read More

North Queensland: A Kayaking Paradise

Australia definitely has a soft spot when it comes to water sports. From Perth to Brisbane, from Darwin to Adelaide, the entire coast of Australia provides hundreds of stunning places for kayakers, surfers, divers and other water enthusiasts. However, there are slight differences that make some places more suitable for certain activities than others. North Queensland is a place that can freely...Read More

Touring NZ’s finest filming locations

Known for its untamed nature and marvellous landscapes, New Zealand has become one of the world’s most popular destinations for film-making. The scenery is just perfect for a movie, which is why many blockbusters have started their journey right here, in the heart of Aotearoa. Listed below are some of the most popular movies filmed in our stunning country, that you can go visit among...Read More