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Queenstown to Auckland Airport

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Dates 21 Jun - 30 Jun
cars left 6 left

Christchurch Airport to Auckland Airport

42e7502d4558e0bc24b6f8fa40453c93dfa3aafa Free 4 days
Dates 25 Jun - 8 Jul
cars left 1 left - Requested by 4 people

Auckland Airport to Christchurch Airport

485c786955fa948fa2ca40472e614229d03dc54e $5 4 days
Dates 27 Jun - 6 Jul
cars left 3 left

Christchurch Airport to Auckland Airport

7f55f2fbd6412a647fd8d4ce4f355e539523de4b Free 4 days
Dates 21 Jul - 30 Sep
cars left 7 left

Dunedin Airport to Christchurch Airport

Aab2ca0cb91b0e3d80c98e16eed43aeb1b9460ce $1 1 day
Other vehicle
Dates 26 Jun - 29 Jun
cars left 8 left

Auckland Airport to Christchurch Airport

Bbef2d6ef3c949cd7b8709165ec0db94ab1c3c48 $5 4 days
Dates 27 Jun - 6 Jul
cars left 1 left

Nelson Airport to Christchurch Airport

D2a21525b74416a6023aa2450f539738391c6da2 Free 1 day
Dates 24 Jun - 28 Jun
cars left 2 left

Christchurch Airport to Queenstown Airport

Aab2ca0cb91b0e3d80c98e16eed43aeb1b9460ce $1 2 days
Other vehicle
Dates 16 Jun - 28 Jun
cars left 2 left
View all 148 listings

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How does Transfercar work?

Rental car companies are spending large amounts of money on relocating cars between their branches, in order to position their fleet for new hires. They can either use expensive trucks or they can let you relocate their rental cars and campervans for free. The rental operators win, you win.

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the key to your relocation carWho can become a relocation driver?

Anyone can drive a transfercar; couples, friends, families, students, backpackers, business people, seniors, or other travellers are all welcome to do a car or campervan relocation! All that is required is that you are over 18 and have a full driving license that is valid in New Zealand.



Rental car companies using Transfercar

Transfercar is designed to be a cost-saving service for rental car companies so that you can get to drive a free car. Here are some rental car and motorhome hire companies using Transfercar:

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Apollo logo Escape campervans logo Britz logo Maui logo NZ Rent a car logo
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Transfercar has helped tens of thousands of drivers worldwide to get on the roads for free.
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