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Dunedin is a buzzing city and the central location of Otago University, one of New Zealand’s leading universities.

Situated on the stunning southeast coast of the South Island, Dunedin is New Zealand's oldest city, and is regarded to be the best preserved Victorian and Edwardian city in the Southern Hemisphere.

Formerly called New Edinburgh, this beautiful city has a strong Scottish background, with the city's name being later changed to Edinburgh's old Celtic name, Dunedin (Dun Edin, meaning Edin on the Hill).

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Dunedin to Queenstown Airport

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Dates 26 Apr - 30 Apr
cars leftOnly 1 left

Dunedin to Christchurch Airport

371277f89949c04147c253ed3bf252432bb61043 Free 2 days
Dates 28 Apr - 1 May
cars leftOnly 1 left

Dunedin to Christchurch Airport

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Vehicle varies
Dates 21 Apr - 22 Apr
cars leftOnly 1 left

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