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About the journey

The trip from Dunedin to Queenstown is a comparatively short one, taking around three and a half hours to complete and covering 175 miles of New Zealand’s South Island. The route will take travellers along the Kawarau River and across the breathtaking Kawarau Gorge, and the famous vineyards of Cromwell and Bannockburn. The man made Lake Dunstan, meanwhile, offers the chance to go fishing, boating or jet skiing in scenic surroundings. Small, historic settlements are scattered along the route, which were formed at the height of the Otago gold rush. Those keen on fishing, meanwhile, will want to stop at Clutha River, which is a popular location for trout and salmon fishing.

Relocations from Queenstown to Dunedin

Christchurch Airport to Picton

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Dates 1 Oct - 8 Oct
cars left 4 left - Requested by 4 people

Wellington Airport to Auckland Airport

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Dates 3 Oct - 15 Oct
cars left 4 left - Requested by 9 people

Queenstown Airport to Christchurch Airport

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Dates 15 Oct - 25 Oct
cars left 8 left

Queenstown Airport to Christchurch Airport

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Dates 10 Oct - 20 Oct
cars left 2 left

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