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About the journey

The 500 mile journey from Queenstown to Picton takes around nine and a half hours to complete. The town of Picton is situated near the beautiful Queen Charlotte Sound, and offers a variety of activities including fishing and diving. A possible route to Picton from Queenstown takes drivers along the west of the country, offering stunning views of New Zealand’s coast and taking travellers through such spots of natural beauty as the pristine Westland National Park and Greymouth, a popular destination for ecotourists. Also taking travellers through picturesque coastal and mountainous surroundings, the eastern route along State Highway 1 gives drivers the opportunity to stop off at Christchurch, the largest city on the South Island of New Zealand.

Relocations from Queenstown to Picton

Queenstown Airport to Picton

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Station wagon
Dates 13 Nov - 27 Nov
cars left5+ left - Requested by 4 people

Queenstown Airport to Picton

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Dates 13 Nov - 20 Nov
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Queenstown Airport to Picton

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Dates 1 Nov - 18 Nov
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Queenstown Airport to Picton

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Other vehicle
Dates 1 Sep - 28 Feb
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