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Airport taxes increased the bill, would be good to know that in advance!
By Daniel Paardekooper, 19 Sep 2018
By Francois Bayard, 18 Sep 2018
By Karin Campbell, 18 Sep 2018
By ghislaine cervilla, 18 Sep 2018
By chris lanting, 17 Sep 2018
By Bela Grenacs, 16 Sep 2018
By Candace Hewitt, 15 Sep 2018
I had a perfect experience!
By Tom Lightfoot, 15 Sep 2018
By sergii arykov, 15 Sep 2018
Great idea
By Cameron Gant, 14 Sep 2018
By Denis Milar, 14 Sep 2018
By Orla Creaven, 14 Sep 2018
Be clear on what the taxes and other charges will be
By Dennis Morton, 14 Sep 2018
We did not get clear explanation as to the bond will be back. And we are still working on this issue.
By Hiroko Nakashima, 13 Sep 2018
By Marijn De koning, 13 Sep 2018
Awesome service
By Neil Hendricks, 13 Sep 2018
By Lucinda Pearce, 12 Sep 2018
By Joeline Flanagan, 12 Sep 2018
Everything was alright but i am still waiting for reimbursement from my debit card's deposit. here is my e-mail address : [email protected] please let me know when will i get my deposit back Thanks!
By Ramsey Lee, 12 Sep 2018
No, you guys did great! I am very satisfied :)
By Aleksandra Dzik, 11 Sep 2018
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