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By Valentina Salviat, 19 Jul 2019
By Chris Climo, 19 Jul 2019
By Roy Edwards, 19 Jul 2019
The $4000 insurance excess seemed excessive
By Barbara Sutton, 19 Jul 2019
By Jo Gurnick, 19 Jul 2019
By Lea Chauroux, 18 Jul 2019
Very good service and I would definitely recommend you to others. I terms of improvements: Your mapping tool on your website could be slightly improved - once you 'click' onto it to look at a particular vehicle, it does not allow you go back to the opening map to look at other vehicles - you have to restart each time.
By Greg Stuart-Hill, 18 Jul 2019
By Colin Isenman, 18 Jul 2019
By Milan Heller, 18 Jul 2019
By Neil Malcolm Scrymgeour, 18 Jul 2019
By Hannah Rutherford, 18 Jul 2019
Website can be difficult to narrow down selections at times, but generally fine. The last van from Lucky was pretty average with lots of stuff missing, broken, or dirty.
By John Reid, 18 Jul 2019
By Katy OGrady, 18 Jul 2019
By Alexandra Prive, 17 Jul 2019
By Lisa Lander, 17 Jul 2019
By Ola Sendal, 17 Jul 2019
By Denise Anderson, 17 Jul 2019
By Adriana de Oliveira Bardella, 18 Jul 2019
By Suzanne Johnson, 17 Jul 2019
Great service 👍
By Bhupinder Singh, 17 Jul 2019
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