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Good and quick service.
By Wilhelmus R., 23 Feb 2017
By Lynette P., 23 Feb 2017
By Bella R., 23 Feb 2017
By SeanV, 23 Feb 2017
By Youssef E., 23 Feb 2017
By david k., 23 Feb 2017
VeryBAD! They didn't payme the petrol as the contract said
By Federico S., 23 Feb 2017
Good communication, clear directions and a very easy process.
By Chantel C., 23 Feb 2017
A quick and prompt response when making a request. Wish transfer cars had an option for a waitlist of specific dates and relocation start and end trips. This would be great for regular users of this service.
By Eseta F., 23 Feb 2017
Very simple and easy to use system. The wait can be a little daunting, but is well worth it once approved. My booking was approved and I was able to pick up the motorhome the following morning, perfect. It'd help to know that road user charges applied to the rental, all and all though - definitely not worth 'complaining' about given that the relocation saved me at least $1500.
By Chareese H., 23 Feb 2017
By Vianney P., 22 Feb 2017
By Daniel B., 22 Feb 2017
By Erin S., 22 Feb 2017
By Denise McElwain, 22 Feb 2017
By Mark S., 22 Feb 2017
We were let down on a hire from a similar transfer system. This move was confirmed and maintained.
By Mark S., 22 Feb 2017
By Thomas S., 22 Feb 2017
Fast easy service with a great client on this trip, cheers
By chriswatson068, 22 Feb 2017
By Balint B., 22 Feb 2017
By Warren F., 22 Feb 2017
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