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Rude staff, except in Adelaide office. Poor customer service. Mixed communication regarding deposit holding.
By Mandy Laidlaw, 19 Jan 2019
By Benoit COTTIN, 19 Jan 2019
By Anand Mistry, 19 Jan 2019
By Ilze Saukane, 19 Jan 2019
By Edith Duperrier Lebas, 19 Jan 2019
By Soeren von Essen, 19 Jan 2019
No... your website was very easy to use.
By Ann Bailey, 19 Jan 2019
really friendly staff I my case you were super flexible with the transfer dates!
By Hannah Berning, 19 Jan 2019
By Emma Stoltze, 19 Jan 2019
By Josephine Jelicich, 19 Jan 2019
Great company. Trouble free. Nice work.
By Neil Smith, 19 Jan 2019
By Sam Su, 19 Jan 2019
By Guy Davies, 19 Jan 2019
Ensure that when insurance prices are quoted they are GST inclusive.
By Dennis Marshall, 19 Jan 2019
By Leanne Bartlett, 18 Jan 2019
The fee for the toll road is a bit high but apart from that no.
By Aneesh Murray, 18 Jan 2019
No all perfect love this service it makes sense for both parties. Can’t recommend it enough
By Lorraine Arthur, 18 Jan 2019
By Christopher Saunders, 18 Jan 2019
By Wan Ting Leong, 18 Jan 2019
Its all good! Only improvement would be better rental deals. E.g. longer free periods or more extendable with paid days.
By Bob Klaver, 18 Jan 2019
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