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By Creek W., 22 Feb 2017
By David S., 22 Feb 2017
Very good.
By Juliana N., 22 Feb 2017
Host are very nice to pick me up in airport so i could pick up the car easily, they are very nice to brief the car before rent it.
By KIU KWONG L., 22 Feb 2017
Would definitely use again. Made our trip successful with your easy to use service. Thanks
By maxandcat, 21 Feb 2017
It just rocks!
By Mario C., 21 Feb 2017
Transfercar was super! Quick confirmation, no problems at all
By Michelle C., 21 Feb 2017
By Dayna G., 21 Feb 2017
By Patrick G., 21 Feb 2017
Great service and great web site
By tob, 20 Feb 2017
Transfercar interaction has been direct and straightforward. New Zealand rent-a-car has not been pleasant to work with both in Dunedin and queenstown.
By Jacob C., 20 Feb 2017
By Avin P., 20 Feb 2017
By Oskar S., 20 Feb 2017
By Bryce B., 20 Feb 2017
The service was fine but it would have been helpful to have known in advance what vehicle we were relocating before picking it up.
By Alan B., 20 Feb 2017
Excellent service & communication, thank you.
By Sue R., 19 Feb 2017
Likewise nothing to fault
By Sarah W., 19 Feb 2017
Great service and program for underbugget travelers
By Gemeldi C., 19 Feb 2017
By David S., 19 Feb 2017
By Fabrizio O., 18 Feb 2017
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