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The price for the ferry...
By Elodie Beaujouan, 18 Mar 2018
By Tri Sabaniah, 18 Mar 2018
By Laina Christie, 18 Mar 2018
By Belu Martinez Basavilbaso, 17 Mar 2018
By SYLVIA FLYNN, 18 Mar 2018
More transparent about the conditions of booking, such as surcharges of 3% on the payment of the security bond with credit card
By Joao Silva, 19 Mar 2018
Very happy with the process
By Peter McHugh, 17 Mar 2018
By Magdalena Pardo, 17 Mar 2018
Paying the ferry crossing for at least the driver, and ideally, the driver & passenger.
By Darren Bruestle, 17 Mar 2018
By Marion Hody, 17 Mar 2018
By Tobias Nitzsche, 17 Mar 2018
no was all good
By alan mathewson, 17 Mar 2018
By Joanna Williamson, 17 Mar 2018
Everyone was nice. I did have various plastic bottles and a beer bottle under seats. Open containers may be illegal. Just check for that.
By zachary fair, 17 Mar 2018
By Angela Capri Vilar Fernandez, 18 Mar 2018
By Hannes Rabanser, 16 Mar 2018
By Darren Callanan, 16 Mar 2018
By Jeff Brown, 16 Mar 2018
No. Very easy to use and company responded promptly. My need was urgent so i was a little concerned at possibly having to wait up to 24 hours for confirmation but that didn't end up happening. Maybe the traveller who needs to go urgently is in a different category?
By Megan Gibbd, 16 Mar 2018
By Rohan Dalmiya, 16 Mar 2018
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