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By Jack Weiland, 23 Aug 2019
I found the system to be very easy to use. Can't think how it would improve for me.
By David Gourlay, 23 Aug 2019
Everything worked seamlessly for me and I have already recommend Transfercar to friends.
By Peter Harbour, 23 Aug 2019
By Suckkoo Shim, 22 Aug 2019
I had a really bad experience with Red spot brisbane... maybe drop them as a Customer!!
By Christian Brown, 22 Aug 2019
By Stu McMaster, 22 Aug 2019
By Osmar Barbosa Garrett, 25 Aug 2019
By graeme staples, 22 Aug 2019
Not really. Perhaps ensuring that companies put the correct information in their listings
By Hudson Volykhine, 22 Aug 2019
By Tonya Sammon, 22 Aug 2019
By Stefan Lodewyckx, 22 Aug 2019
By Ai Hoddy, 22 Aug 2019
By Martin Jane, 21 Aug 2019
By Maxime Deplaine, 21 Aug 2019
By Kok Onn Wong, 25 Aug 2019
By jason roker, 21 Aug 2019
By Colin Bell, 21 Aug 2019
No just wish I knew about it sooner. Thank you.
By Glenis Stevenson, 21 Aug 2019
I was recommended transfercar by my daughter so it's the first time for me and because my daughter went into surgery the day I was to take your car from Palmerston North to Auckland Airport and I was unable to do your transfer I'm unable to comment. I hope to use transfercar in the future.
By Theresa Schicker, 21 Aug 2019
By Adrian Abel, 21 Aug 2019
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