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Very professional company and site.
By Darryn H., 18 Jan 2017
Great website. Easy to access information and to organise start and finish points of our journey. Would highly recommend to others! A great first experience and we will look to use Transfer car again on our next trip:-) thank you
By Terrance C., 18 Jan 2017
This is the site of my choice when choosing a relocation.
By Darryn H., 18 Jan 2017
Great platform! Would be nice if "earliest pick-up" and "latest drop-off" in transfercar's booking form translated to the same meaning in the rental company's system. Instead, they save it as definite pick-up and drop-off time.
By Felix L., 18 Jan 2017
Very helpful in linking individuals with car rental companies
By barley, 18 Jan 2017
Service is great- promises are kept.
By annedenton, 18 Jan 2017
Best travel bargain in New Zealand! I do at least one relocation a year; I'd do more if I could.
By Thomas T., 18 Jan 2017
Always good.
By tob, 18 Jan 2017
By rachael b., 18 Jan 2017
By Anna S., 18 Jan 2017
By pabloweyne, 18 Jan 2017
By Daniel B., 18 Jan 2017
Rate 5
By Aicha D., 18 Jan 2017
By Willem S., 18 Jan 2017
By Evelyn W., 18 Jan 2017
By Jeremy L., 18 Jan 2017
Easy and straighforward
By Elena B., 18 Jan 2017
Very well
By Daniel S., 17 Jan 2017
Not very good at doing things online but found your site easy to understand with a quick response, i will be definitely be using this service again!
By vicki c., 17 Jan 2017
By jezza147, 17 Jan 2017
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