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By Mike S., 27 Mar 2017
By Naresh K., 27 Mar 2017
Easy return and quick trip back to the airport. Worth getting very reasonable insurance as bad stone chip caused windscreen crack.
By Mitzi H., 27 Mar 2017
Convenient & fast service...Your Service is very much appreciated. ALOHA.
By Sharlene S., 27 Mar 2017
By Paulina M., 26 Mar 2017
By thejones, 26 Mar 2017
By paulyeonz, 26 Mar 2017
By paulyeonz, 26 Mar 2017
Thanks for getting me home
By Dominic M., 26 Mar 2017
By Jack B., 26 Mar 2017
By linton, 26 Mar 2017
By Carlos F., 25 Mar 2017
Nth. will definitely come back to use transfercar again in the future. Cheers
By hou teng M., 25 Mar 2017
By Fernando P., 25 Mar 2017
Very good. Just one concern: excess fee, I saw it is $4000 in Transfercar website, but it actually depends on the car rental company's rules.
By Bowen S., 25 Mar 2017
By Gerrit D., 25 Mar 2017
By Thibaut K., 25 Mar 2017
By Jukka I., 25 Mar 2017
By Tanya L., 25 Mar 2017
Transfer car couldn't be reached over phone before 4:30pm despite multiple tries and then went offline. The e-mail answer I got the next day merely re-confirmed that my relocation request was confirmed from Transfercar's point of view, without even trying to reach out to Thrifty to investigate how they didn't register the request. Fortunately another company at Queenstown airport was eager to help and let me make a last minute booking so I did not get stuck in Queenstown airport. I do expect that transfercar give this incident a proper investigation and dialogue with Thrifty and provide me with an honest answer on what happened.
By Hang Y., 25 Mar 2017
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