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By Poornachand R., 14 May 2017
By Gareth N., 14 May 2017
By Gareth N., 14 May 2017
By Brendan W., 14 May 2017
By Michelle W., 13 May 2017
By Heinz Peter B., 12 May 2017
By jpfjfpj, 12 May 2017
By jpfjfpj, 12 May 2017
By Vincent M., 12 May 2017
By Karibu, 11 May 2017
Good service
By Damien B., 11 May 2017
First time using Transfercar and I have used them again since booking my first car. Easy to use
By Jesse S., 11 May 2017
By Rose C., 11 May 2017
It was an excelent experience. It was very simple
By Matias B., 10 May 2017
Booking confirmation was speedy
By Debbie O., 10 May 2017
No problems with Transfercar and would use again as well as recommend to friends
By Paul B., 10 May 2017
Great service. Thanks for the opportunity.
By Josephine D., 10 May 2017
By Kate L., 10 May 2017
its a great way to move from one place to another both parties get benefits.
By lucas m., 9 May 2017
Transfercar's service was generally excellent; they did exactly what they said they would. However, the return address for the van in Sydney on the confirmation email from Transfercar was wrong, and the phone number for the depot is left blank, resulting in us going to the wrong address, and a very stressful time trying to find the depot's correct phone number (so we can call them to find their actual address and tell them why we're late).
By Michael K., 9 May 2017
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