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Good concept.
By andrew e., 18 Feb 2017
By Murray A., 18 Feb 2017
By Lucia C., 18 Feb 2017
By Joe M., 18 Feb 2017
By Raul D., 17 Feb 2017
So cool! We love the site and will definitely do it again!
By Lauralie E., 17 Feb 2017
By Ashley B., 17 Feb 2017
The process is simple an timely; the two best features of any service like this. I will recommend it.
By Jordan B., 17 Feb 2017
Was not ,add aware clearly enough that I had to be 25+
By stuart c., 17 Feb 2017
By kerry p., 17 Feb 2017
Transfercar is a wonderful service. Easy to use great response times and have recommended to friends
By Hillary H., 17 Feb 2017
Great service, website works well by mobile phone.
By kip, 16 Feb 2017
Very good service, but there is the surprise just before taking the car to ask us if we want to reduce the part to pay in case of damage, from 3000 to 300 dollars. But this cost 25 dollars a day, so it's half the price of a normal rental (but it's still an option).
By Paul D., 16 Feb 2017
By Rae Z., 16 Feb 2017
By Camila C., 16 Feb 2017
Hope I can get more transfer car service to all around New Zealand!
By Shei Ling C., 16 Feb 2017
Process was easy to use, just had to wait for the right timeframe to come along. Will definitely be using again next time we want to go somewhere, might even try to get runs both ways :-)
By Jill B., 16 Feb 2017
I am almost loathe to rate this highly as I am not sure I want to let to many other people into the secret!! Superbly easy. I run a knowledge base and call centre at a university and am bringing your set up to their attention as it has been seamlessly effortless to navigate and transact or seek info with. Well done.
By Phillip C., 16 Feb 2017
A brilliant service. Easy to use. No hidden charges (unlike some other websites). It worked well for us. Thank you.
By Martin W., 16 Feb 2017
We experienced very good service and will definitely not hesitate to recommend and use again.
By Mathilde Kring H., 16 Feb 2017
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