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Easy to select, and everything just seemed to fall in to place easily. Would definitely use this website again.
By Rachel T., 15 Jan 2017
Good website
By Roland L., 15 Jan 2017
Very easy website to use and a great service! Thanks. Have already recommended it to several friends.
By Kris E., 15 Jan 2017
By Shang chieh Y., 15 Jan 2017
I gave my opinion above
By Rebecca C., 15 Jan 2017
By Jasmine A., 15 Jan 2017
A real win-win :)
By Kristen S., 14 Jan 2017
This was my first experience of using Transfercar and I would totally recommend. I received confirmation promptly and everything went smoothly
By Constance G., 14 Jan 2017
Transfer car is a great service. The site is easy to use and the answer is given quickly. Perfect. I didn't give 5 starts because when I look to take my car, it was a week after new year and almost no cars were available. Normally there is a bigger choice. On top of that i hired a car with insurance included, and ended up paying for an insurance at the pick up anyway. So at the end of the day, I rented a car with no petrol and no insurance included, which put together makes the trip expensive. I chose transfer car to save money going up in auckland compare to other car rental service, but didn't save that much at the end of the day.
By Quentin G., 14 Jan 2017
Good costumer service
By Hanna B., 14 Jan 2017
By Daria G., 14 Jan 2017
By Wojciech B., 14 Jan 2017
By James O., 14 Jan 2017
By Anthony V., 13 Jan 2017
By Aleksandr P., 13 Jan 2017
So easy and hassle-free to use. Have been recommending to everyone.
By Linda G., 13 Jan 2017
By Jos v., 13 Jan 2017
By Martin C., 13 Jan 2017
Great service. I had never used Transfercar before. Very quick response, and well organised.
By Rebecca Brandy G., 13 Jan 2017
Great site, already recommended it to all my friends and acquaintances!
By Globe T., 13 Jan 2017
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