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Easy to book, great transfer car.
By Tamsin G., 8 Aug 2017
A good first time experience with Transfercar, may have used the service in Australia too but feel more day's required for some deliveries e.g. 6 days Darwin to Perth requires driving between 600 to 700km per day which is rather much in my opinion.
By David M., 8 Aug 2017
Confusing for me to work out if I had applied for a car initially and then it appeared to work
By Joanna H., 8 Aug 2017
By sonnyjim, 7 Aug 2017
By Yousuf, 7 Aug 2017
By ttocsynnad, 7 Aug 2017
By Clare B., 7 Aug 2017
By Clare B., 7 Aug 2017
The car was dirty, scratched up, and smelled inside.
By Sherry T., 7 Aug 2017
I spent 5 hours waiting for the car, i bought a chemical and I didn't receive it, i was not informed that i could not use the toilet, i paid 250 for the bond and I've not been refunded yet, they didn't refund aud 100 for fuel I was told they would, terrible! I sent an email to complain and ask for my money back.. 250 bond + 100 fuel!
By Dennis C., 6 Aug 2017
Always able to answer whatever queries I put forth to them regarding this booking, prior to my picking up the vehicle.
By kiwi2be, 6 Aug 2017
By riyaz k., 6 Aug 2017
Quick and easy process. I received a response within a day or two. They were able to communicate with Thrifty to resolve my concerns. Thank you Transfercars
By Ngawai M., 6 Aug 2017
By John B., 4 Aug 2017
Quick service, but wished I had taken a bus !
By Heather W., 4 Aug 2017
Quick service, but wished I had taken a bus !
By Heather W., 4 Aug 2017
By Anne L., 4 Aug 2017
By Nina H., 4 Aug 2017
Having to wait to find out if the transfer is accepted or not makes it difficult to make plans. Overall a good site.
By Sherry T., 4 Aug 2017
By ewan, 4 Aug 2017
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