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By Dominik T., 16 Feb 2017
Great service :-)
By Mikael Brinkmann P., 16 Feb 2017
Great service :-)
By Mikael Brinkmann P., 16 Feb 2017
By Michael A., 16 Feb 2017
By Carleigh K., 16 Feb 2017
By Theresa N., 16 Feb 2017
By Craig M., 16 Feb 2017
The time to relocate the car was too short to really enjoy the ride. Think about a co-driver!
By Eileen R., 15 Feb 2017
very good - prompt information
By Joseph O., 15 Feb 2017
I really enjoy using and browsing Transfer Car but was disappointed with the incorrect information on pick up of the car in Brisbane. I think you could improve communication with your companies to ensure accurate information is advertised.
By Joseph O., 15 Feb 2017
Easy to navigate, fast reply, a lot of options available.
By Corinne I., 15 Feb 2017
By Tim D., 15 Feb 2017
Easy. No hassle
By ethan r., 14 Feb 2017
By Mario C., 14 Feb 2017
perfect ! updated frequently, clear, easy to use.. I have been able to do Queenstown/Christchurch, Christchurch/Auckland, Auckland/Christchurch, Christchurch/Queenstown, all one after another, not a problem..
By fabien d., 14 Feb 2017
all went to plan. no surprises
By sherryn m., 14 Feb 2017
By Barbara I., 14 Feb 2017
Once found browser that worked was good
By Aarongilmore, 14 Feb 2017
Good experience
By Susanne V., 14 Feb 2017
To improve my experience on your website it would be great to have an alert function for specific deals. It can be very time consuming to go onto the site to look for new cars every day. Cheers
By Eseta F., 14 Feb 2017
See desktop website