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Transfer car couldn't be reached over phone before 4:30pm despite multiple tries and then went offline. The e-mail answer I got the next day merely re-confirmed that my relocation request was confirmed from Transfercar's point of view, without even trying to reach out to Thrifty to investigate how they didn't register the request. Fortunately another company at Queenstown airport was eager to help and let me make a last minute booking so I did not get stuck in Queenstown airport. I do expect that transfercar give this incident a proper investigation and dialogue with Thrifty and provide me with an honest answer on what happened.
By Hang Y., 25 Mar 2017
By Raewyne W., 24 Mar 2017
By Jonathan C., 24 Mar 2017
By Annina H., 24 Mar 2017
By Annina H., 24 Mar 2017
By Mark Douglas Smith, 24 Mar 2017
All good.
By clifford, 23 Mar 2017
Really like the model. Just need to close up the small gaps in detail like what time is OK for drop off...
By jwaipouri, 23 Mar 2017
Love this site. 2nd time I have used this service and love it. Usually find what I'm looking for and always get a quick reply. Will definitely be using this service again
By Akeroa Louise S., 23 Mar 2017
By Hester R., 23 Mar 2017
No hassles...
By Evaldo, 23 Mar 2017
By David L., 23 Mar 2017
By Erika S., 23 Mar 2017
By Irene M., 23 Mar 2017
We didn't have any problem. Reliable, easy and fast.
By Sindy V., 23 Mar 2017
This was my first Transfer Car experience and it was awesome. The process is very simple, they were very good at keeping in touch. Confirmation of booking was received in good time and all queries were answered very quickly. I would definitely use Transfer Car again.
By Jenny W., 23 Mar 2017
Really easy to use and the whole process was very well explained.
By Shona H., 23 Mar 2017
I thought Transfercar's responses via email took too long. There were many fuel included vehicles available on 17 March and I was asking if it would be possible to transfer one of these with a Sunday delivery and was told to apply for another vehicle. It felt like my question didn't 'fit' the box so there was a generic answer not a personal one.
By JanPage, 23 Mar 2017
By Belinda Murray, 23 Mar 2017
Excellent service - would use this again many times.
By PBA, 23 Mar 2017
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