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By Valerio Fernandes Del Maschi, 18 May 2018
By Philip Hopkinson, 18 May 2018
Be more polite and have cars bigger than a dinky toy. Also, state the hidden costs.
By Shelley Phillips, 19 May 2018
By TeKimiti Gilbert, 22 May 2018
By Júlio Gelzer, 18 May 2018
Hi Queenstown wickered campers need to up there game.1st the address has changed and was run by the mechanic who had know idea about insurance etc business was run out of a filthy old container I nearly walked out. Not a good look for NZ at all other than that a great experience. Cheers Sharon
By Alastair Wood, 18 May 2018
Great experience
By Erin Scheffler, 18 May 2018
By Emma Leader, 17 May 2018
By Olivia Choi, 17 May 2018
By Mark Leighs, 17 May 2018
I only had the motorhome for 1.5 days,so I was doing a quick trip up to Auckland yet it still cost me insurance and $60 for fuel to get it there for them,its not as if I took 5 days to get there.There needs to be a system that if you drive straight there it dosen't cost the person driving.Was I not doing the owners a favour as that was cheaper than going on a truck,Thanks Andy
By Andrew Macintosh, 21 May 2018
Ability to edit requested booking dates/time before approval/rejection. I had to delete my booking and reapply which is not a problem but a bit of a pain.
By Darren Bishop, 18 May 2018
By Abbie Hill, 17 May 2018
By Vera Shlapatckaia, 17 May 2018
Found it very labor intensive to keep watch of what I was looking for, and no indication of petrol cost of planned travelled trip and no tending available of match last year so could assess if unusual or usual. I worked out after 6 weeks the planned trip was not popular. Second the rental companies know this and so rarely offer petrol for that trip. Thirdly the insurance deduction cost is much higher for thrifty then juicy. All things if I am using an aggregator like transfer car (and thus willing to recommend) to have at my finger tips.
By Susannah Green, 17 May 2018
You guys are great! Very transparent with information. Good job!
By Bhushan Manerikar, 17 May 2018
No, I was very happy with the service!
By Erin Carden, 17 May 2018
Keep it up..good work
By Tijo John, 17 May 2018
It would be good to know exactly what type of vehicle rather than just commercial description
By Peter MacPherson, 16 May 2018
By Nerida Coe, 16 May 2018
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