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By Tony D., 30 Oct 2017
By visual.brain, 30 Oct 2017
By Blake C., 30 Oct 2017
Straightforward and no problems.
By afinegan, 29 Oct 2017
By Simon B., 26 Oct 2017
By Jan L., 26 Oct 2017
By Wil B., 25 Oct 2017
What the page said is what we get, no hidden tricks. Definitely will rent the car with them again.
By Yuhui H., 24 Oct 2017
By Andrew W., 24 Oct 2017
Brilliant! What more can I say. :)
By Jean L., 24 Oct 2017
easy to use.But didn't find a way to change booking.
By Bowen S., 23 Oct 2017
Easy understanding, easily use
By Bowen S., 23 Oct 2017
By JamiePatt, 23 Oct 2017
By JamiePatt, 23 Oct 2017
By JamiePatt, 23 Oct 2017
Easy to use system and process transfer request, but some information is lacking at times (such as rental company, specific terms and conditions). Thrifty claimed they needed additional information (voucher number) in order to process the transfer request as this is not a normal rental, Thrifty had indicated that Transfercar should have provided that
By Barry H., 23 Oct 2017
By Blake C., 23 Oct 2017
I really liked the idea of relocating a vehicle and hence, I subscribed and followed the postings for months. Finally, when I got a listing that matched my dates and itinerary, I booked it with a lot f excitement. My understanding was that this was a win-win for both the rental agency and me, the customer. However, I felt like I couldn't express any dissatisfaction like I would as a regular customer because my business with the rental agency was not valued. I was treated with a lot of negligence that they wouldn't show to a regular customer. More importantly, the terms publicized on the website was not met. They never gave me clean starter kit or even a clean blanket/towels and I couldn't complain because I was seen as a 'Cheap customer'. It's been a month now and the $250 fuel refund is still in a limbo between TransferCar and El Monte RV rental. I am surprised they don't have an efficient system to provide fuel refund considering most of their ads feature fuel refund. I would say you will need a lot of patience and tolerance to be treated badly in exchange for the cheap price.
By Swaroop S., 21 Oct 2017
By Brent M., 20 Oct 2017
By Harmanjeet S., 19 Oct 2017
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