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Absolutely Rubbish
By Terry O., 7 Oct 2017
By melissa s., 6 Oct 2017
By Alex N., 6 Oct 2017
I was stuck in Queenstown after a bad car accident left me and my family without a car but with a full car load of ski gear and luggage. I saw the Transfer car idea on a friends Facebook page. It gave us the opportunity to get ourselves back to Auckland with the bonus of still being able to show my son some places along the way. I was very grateful and the whole service was much appreciated. Booking was easy and email communication was thorough. The only negative was the ride and disinterested attitude of the Apex staff member upon pick up at Queenstown airport. I understand how many stupid people she must deal with on a daily basis but we were being very friendly and I always think that if you are that jaded by your job then get a different one!
By Natasha G., 6 Oct 2017
Great easy process.
By hneill, 6 Oct 2017
Great business idea, but teething issues with website around selection of date/time should have been sorted by now. I don't particularly like the limitations of the mobile website, and the 'desktop website' link still takes you back to the mobile website :(
By martin_e, 6 Oct 2017
Don't get me wrong, it's an excellent service, but I still keep experiencing rough spots in the UI, the mobile web site doesn't let me look for unusual vehicles as I like to do for fun, and I think transfercar is to blame for the booking issue the operator had sorted out so excellently.
By martin_e, 6 Oct 2017
Great service, fast response. Would highly recommend transfercar
By Zane L., 6 Oct 2017
Quick efficient communication and confirmation. Thank you!
By Heidi D., 5 Oct 2017
By haluca, 5 Oct 2017
Great feature! Transfer cars rock!
By Sonia D., 5 Oct 2017
By Christopher B., 5 Oct 2017
Very pleased with the service and how easy it was to arrange a relocation car however I had some questions prior to committing which transfercar weren't particularly helpful with. May be useful to have more information on each booking or show who the actual rental company is so I can contact them directly before putting my card details in and committing.
By Chloe D., 5 Oct 2017
Great service and very prompt at getting back to you in regards to the transfer. would definitely use again if the need was required.
By Pete S., 5 Oct 2017
By Emily T., 5 Oct 2017
Flexible, gave us a bigger car to fit our oversize luggage. Friendly and helpful.
By robynr, 5 Oct 2017
Worked fine. Would be better if you knew which company you were hiring with.
By Mullion A., 5 Oct 2017
By Francisco Javier G., 4 Oct 2017
By wpearse, 4 Oct 2017
By Alessandro O., 4 Oct 2017
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