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By Thomas Kjemperud, 16 Mar 2018
By Bridgitte Jones, 16 Mar 2018
By Paulius Kvietkauskas, 16 Mar 2018
By Latesha Randall, 16 Mar 2018
By Emma Taborsky, 16 Mar 2018
A bit more organisation from Sweet as Campers
By Delice Gregory, 17 Mar 2018
Correct the seating arrangement on vehicle or the picture
By annette stratford, 15 Mar 2018
Please teach us , important point rule before driving,
By takeshi omura, 15 Mar 2018
By Yu ZHENG, 15 Mar 2018
By Brian Chung, 15 Mar 2018
By Neil Hine, 15 Mar 2018
No! It was awesome
By Emily Wells, 15 Mar 2018
By Jacqui Knight, 15 Mar 2018
By Raymond Crockett, 15 Mar 2018
By Deborah Leilua, 15 Mar 2018
By Norbert Kiss-Mihaly, 14 Mar 2018
By Thibaud Hemberger, 14 Mar 2018
Nothing! Loved it!
By edward wilson, 15 Mar 2018
It's been a great service but on 2 occasions out of 3 have not received any email bookings from the rental company. Trying to get hold of transfercar difficult at weekends. Also confused about when requesting pick and drop off times then get confirmation with different hours. But generally an amazing service.
By sara averill, 14 Mar 2018
I will recommend friends to take the deals where petrol is a part of the deal :)
By Monica Nielsen, 14 Mar 2018
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