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Offers great deals & prompt response for any queries. Will highly recommend them.
By Ravinder Singh G., 13 Jan 2017
By Andrew Y., 13 Jan 2017
Great service
By Daniel W., 13 Jan 2017
Really great experience with Transfercar, however, they did not allow enough KMs and they had told me I was getting a car equivalent to a Chevy Malibu when Discount actually gave me a Dodge Durango which cost A LOT more in gas.
By Erinn D., 13 Jan 2017
Great turnaround on request and response to queries.
By Daniel G., 13 Jan 2017
Good to know you
By Ubolrat P., 13 Jan 2017
By Christiane H., 12 Jan 2017
By Piotr O., 12 Jan 2017
By Helen C., 12 Jan 2017
By Jessica R., 12 Jan 2017
Transfer car apparently did not send the booking to the car rental company, so when I arrived to pick up the car, they didn't have anything for me and never got anything with my name.
By Maiwenn H., 12 Jan 2017
Keep the good work going
By Driver31, 12 Jan 2017
It was super easy, and a fantastic experience. Will definitely do it again. I only wish it accepted debit cards, as I had to get my mother to come to the airport and use her credit card for me (embarrassing!). Stellar experience though, seriously. I'm raving about it to everyone I know.
By Megan G., 12 Jan 2017
By Keith H., 12 Jan 2017
Very simple and easy to access and all on point! Great service thanks heaps!
By Earl S., 12 Jan 2017
Excellent. I simply entered what I was seeking and options were emailed to me as they came up. It couldn't have been easier.
By Raegan K., 12 Jan 2017
By Camilacfc, 12 Jan 2017
Excellent: easy to use
By Bruce J., 12 Jan 2017
By Iuri V., 12 Jan 2017
This is a great service that provides the ease of travel to a destination without concerns about any cost to the traveler. The vehicles are modern clean and comfortable. Transfer cars are an extremely good organisation to deal with and provide an outstanding service.
By Paul stewart, 11 Jan 2017
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