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Looking for a free car or rental to drive overseas? Here’s what you need to know

Finding free cars and bikes to drive overseas is relatively easy. You can visit any one of the hundreds of rental companies offering a relocation, drive away or stand by car. But make sure before you drive away with the car to check for bad Piston Rings symptoms, the condition of the brake pads and the car’s last servicing date. You can also check out one of the online relocation companies such as Transfercar who list free rentals on their website for multiple organisations. However, just because...Read More

Driving in Queensland with a foreign licence

Information retrieved directly from the Queensland Govt Website What is a foreign driver licence? A foreign driver licence is a licence to drive a motor vehicle issued to you under the law of another country. Note: A New Zealand driver licence is also a foreign driver licence. Can I drive in Queensland under my valid foreign driver licence? When driving on a road in Queensland under your valid foreign driver licence you must: only drive the class of motor vehicle authorised on that licence comply with the...Read More

Driver’s licence translated within a couple of hours online!

Due to stricter rules being imposed by transport agencies and police, foreign drivers licenses must be translated into English, otherwise rental car companies cannot release your Transfercar relocation vehicle to you (because it gets impounded and fines given). I have been sent this link from one of our trusted rental companies THL, who passed on a quick and efficient way of getting official certified translations and wanted to share this info with you guys: Scan both sides of your license and email it to:...Read More