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5 Reasons You Should (Re)Visit NZ’s North Island This Spring

If you live in the South Island, a trip up North is always worthwhile. Even if you live on the North Island, you haven’t seen it all. The variety of wonderful natural attractions and interesting cities is just too great. Here are 5 reasons why you should plan a spring road trip! Spring Festival in Wellington It’s logical that your spring visit to New Zealand and its North Island starts in its capital – Wellington. Due to its southernmost position, this town is a great starting point for a tour...Read More

The Strangest Overseas Driving Laws That Could Catch You Out

It’s hard enough trying to remember all the laws of your own country, let alone memorising those from overseas. When you’re next in any of these countries, make a note of these driving laws which could catch you out. Don’t stop for pedestrians – China Kicking it off with a doozy, this Chinese law actively encourages you to continue forwards, even if you see a pedestrian coming. You should obviously be very careful and drive safe no matter what the rules are. If you need legal advice regarding personal...Read More

Springtime Beach Escapades in Australia

Springtime is usually associated with beginnings, awakenings and other dynamic notions. So, no wonder Australia, vibrant and joyful, attracts so many people between September and November. Apart from the always popular city breaks, hiking tours and visits to outposts, the most in-demand destinations are the magnificent and renowned beaches. Despite the existence of coastline paradox, which makes it impossible to say exactly how long Australia’s coastline is, it’s safe to say that it’s among the longest...Read More

How to Truly Enjoy Cairns

The largest part of the Australian land still remains unknown for both Australian tourists and foreign visitors. While the majority of people go to Victoria and South New Wales or the Great Barrier Reef, Australia generously displays a variety of other natural and historical spots. The beautiful town of Cairns is one of such places. Its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and a strategic location on the coast of the Coral Sea make it a perfect place for visitors striving for peace and natural beauties. A...Read More

Touring NZ’s finest filming locations

Known for its untamed nature and marvellous landscapes, New Zealand has become one of the world’s most popular destinations for film-making. The scenery is just perfect for a movie, which is why many blockbusters have started their journey right here, in the heart of Aotearoa. Listed below are some of the most popular movies filmed in our stunning country, that you can go visit among one of our free rental car or campervan! The Lord of the Rings Trilogy No other place in the world could portrait Peter...Read More

Eastland: An unforgettable coastal journey

We’ve recently introduced car relocations from Napier to Auckland, giving you 48 hours to explore the hauntingly beautiful East Coast of New Zealand. It is an area that is still very pristine and largely off-the-beaten track, and State Highway 35 is without a doubt one of the most beautiful roads in the country. The Eastland region is also the first region in the world to see the sunrise every day. We highly recommend that you hop on a cheap bus ride or flight to Napier (search for the best jet card...Read More