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What are rental car relocations?

My name is Brian and I am one of the founders of Transfercar. I have written this article series to help people who are thinking of relocating a car, camper van or motorhome for the first time via Transfercar. What are rental car relocations? To relocate is to drive a rental car or rental campervan from one branch to another within a short time frame. Because the rental car companies can’t find enough paying customers to drive their cars and campers in the opposite direction of the tourists, they need...Read More

Transfercar continues to increase in popularity

The Transfercar website continues to increase in popularity, much thanks to your increased number of links to us. Transfercar website traffic increased In January we increased visitors with over 10%. The number of rental car relocations increased even more, which indicates that the function changes we made in December (more information on each rental car relocation listing, individual rental car company terms & conditions) have worked. Transfercar relocated 33% more rental cars and campers in Januray than...Read More