Transfercar joins Made From New Zealand

A great new initiative for New Zealand businesses has begun to emerge; Made From New Zealand has grown out of the people behind [network:Silicon Welly] and [network:StartUp] and it is a web based community/networking/linkbuilding/promotional-tool, and I believe we have only seen the start of it yet.

I have already been posting a some articles to the Start-up blog over the past months and so through that I have been in contact with [person:Patrick Macfie] and [person:Tim Norton]. It is very cool to see what have come out of it (so far).

So for any kiwi individual or company that have something to contribute to the NZ business scene, be it entrepreneurs, investors or customers, check out!

PS: From today the [business:Transfercar] blog will be plugging in to the Made From New Zealand blog network so these posts can be read there as well.

Keep it up guys!

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