100 Great things to do in Melbourne for under $10

melbourneI don’t often have the time to write pretty articles, and to be honest there are so many good writers out there with fantastic information, why muddy up the mix? Here at Transfercar, we want you to have the best travel experience at the lowest price possible (hence why we have free cars and campervans to drive). So I’ve been looking for some great travel tips and found this little article published on  whitehat.com.au I think you may find useful……

The White Hat Guide to 100 Great things to do in Melbourne for under $10

Melbourne has been voted the world’s most liveable city, and there are plenty of great things to do with only loose change in your pocket.

At most of the places listed in these pages (with a few notable exceptions) you will only find locals.

You will rarely find mainstream tourists because there is no easy access for buses, or because the places involved are not promoted to tourists.

Perhaps more surprisingly, you will rarely see backpackers at these places. Our market research indicates the great majority of backpackers that visit Melbourne expose themselves to an increasingly narrow range of ‘authorised’ experiences.

Read the full article here……..

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