Tips and tricks on how to save fuel while driving

Often AA has some great little articles about travelling NZ that relocation drivers and budget conscious travellers can benefit from.  Here’s one of those articles I think may be well worth reading.

I have given you the main points but read the full article to see why they recommend these strategies.

Fuel efficient driving is really simple and can save a surprising amount of fuel. To improve your driving technique, check out these tips.

1)     Avoid short trips

2)     Drive smoothly

3)     Look ahead

4)     Corner smoothly

5)     Make hills work for you

6)     Love your car!

7)     Watch your air con

8)     Keep your load down

9)     Reduce idling time

10)     Don’t park for long periods with your engine idling and avoid peak hour traffic where ever possible.

11)     Don’t speed

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