Australian airports test radiation free scanners

Good news for the health conscious and frequent travellers.  Airports in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, are running tests on scanners that emit no radiation.

The BBC has reported that unlike traditional scanners which emit X-rays and “active” radiation, the T8000, developed by UK-based ThruVision Systems, uses a “passive” screening technology.

ThruVision’s scanners do not “illuminate” people with X-rays, radiation or millimeter waves. Instead, they receive terahertz waves naturally produced by objects and people. When a concealed object blocks those waves, it appears as an anomaly.

The materials that can be detected by the T8000 include weapons, explosives, liquids, gels, ceramics and narcotics.

One other upside to this new technology is that it doesn’t capture or display intimate body details which have been a concern for many travellers in the past.

Other benefits include:

Rapid screening time

No need to enter into a small confined space

Although not permanently implemented yet, these scanners have had positive results; successfully spotting contraband substances on test subjects.

Bermuda is also using ThruVision while Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines are considering implementing the new scanners.

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