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Rugby Worl Cup

RWC New Zealand

As the Rugby World cup kicks in, more questions are being raised about whether there will be any relocation vehicles, or any rental vehicles available at all for that matter,  and if so from where.  To be honest, I really do wish I had a crystal ball (as do many other businesses I’m sure) but I don’t (otherwise I would be filthy rich and not sitting at my desk right now :)).

With an estimated 80,000 visitors said to be arriving into New Zealand for the World Cup Tournament, we can only imagine that many of them will be renting cars and campervans across the country. We don’t know however, where or when they will be arriving and leaving as many will likely use this time to travel the country.

In an event like this, you might need roadside assistance, that is why the extraordinary car towing dublin services will be a great ally in these type of situations.

What I can do, is tentatively make some guesses as to where vehicles may be headed and where they may also get stranded.

So if we look at the Rugby World Cup 2011 Match Schedule we can roughly calculate where RWC fans will be headed based on the most popular matches and teams with the largest followers (national and international visitors).

Here’s what we know:

The tournament kick off  will be at Eden Park on the evening of September 9, 2011, seeing New Zealand and Tonga go head to head.

There are 20 teams and 40 pool matches that will be hosted in 11 regions nationwide

The following table shows each of the 11 regions and which rugby matches will be played in their cities. I have used a colour code based on calculations made from international travel statistics (NZ statistics, 2006 – 2010), taking into consideration the general flow of tourists into NZ, the popularity of certain teams, airport locations and the geographical location of countries (ie; ease of access to NZ).

The codes are as follows:

  • Green = Free cars and campervans highly likely
  • Orange = Possible free cars and campervans
  • Black = no idea

From this data you will get a rough estimate of where people will be travelling to. If they are then leaving they will be heading to the nearest airport to either fly home or fly to the city where their flight is scheduled to leave from. When they do this, they will ultimately leave their rental cars and campervans behind, giving us the chance to relocate them for the owners.

Region Date Matches Venue
Auckland Sept 9

Sept 10

Sept 11

Sept 17

Sep 22

Sep 25

Sep 24

Sep 30

Oct 1

Oct 8

Oct 9

Oct 15

Oct 23

Oct 21

Oct 16

New Zealand v Tonga

France v Japan

Australia v Italy

Australia v Ireland

South Africa v Namibia

New Zealand v France

Fiji v Samoa

South Africa v Samoa

England v Scotland

QF2: W Pool B v RU Pool A

QF4: W Pool A v RU Pool B

SF1: W QF1 v W QF2

SF2: W QF3 v W QF4

Bronze Final


Eden Park

North Harbour Stadium

North Harbour Stadium

Eden Park

North Harbour Stadium

Eden Park

Eden Park

North Harbour Stadium

Eden Park

Eden Park

Eden Park

Eden Park

Eden Park

Eden Park

Eden Park

Invercargill Sept 10

Sept 14

Sept 17

Scotland v Romania

Scotland v Georgia

Argentina v Romania

Rugby Park Stadium
Rotorua Sept 10

Sept 14

Sept 25

Fiji v Namibia

Samoa v Namibia

Ireland v Russia

Rotorua International Stadium
Dunedin Sept 10

Sept 18

Sept 24

Oct 2

Argentina v England

England v Georgia

England v Romania

Ireland v Italy

Otago Stadium
New Plymouth Sept 11

Sept 15

Sept 26

Ireland v USA

Russia v USA

Wales v Namibia

Stadium Taranaki
Wellington Sept 11

Sept 17

Sept 23

Sept 25

Oct 1

Oct 2

South Africa v Wales

South Africa v Fiji

Australia v USA

Argentina v Scotland

France v Tonga

New Zealand v Canada

Wellington Regional Stadium
Whangarei Sept 14

Sept 21

Tonga v Canada

Tonga v Japan

Northland Events Centre
Hamilton Sept 16

Sept 18

Oct 2

New Zealand v Japan

Wales v Samoa

Wales v Fiji

Waikato Stadium
Napier Sept 18

Sept 27

France v Canada

Canada v Japan

McLean Park
Nelson Sept 20

Sept 27

Oct 1

Italy v Russia

Italy v USA

Australia v Russia

Trafalgar Park
Palmerston N Sept 28

Oct 2

Georgia v Romania

Argentina v Georgia

Arena Manawatu

I think I have to reiterate here that this is a really, really rough estimate and is in no way a final and accurate measure of what is going to happen over the coming months! So please don’t call me saying “but your blog said that…..”

On that note, good luck to all the teams competing in the RWC. We hope to see you back visiting New Zealand (driving one of our free cars or campervans) after the games are done and dusted.

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