Texting pilot forgets to lower landing gear

Jetstar pilot texting150 metres off the ground, you’re ready to land but oops, no landing gear! This is the scenario that recently took place when two of Jetstar‘s pilots forgot to lower the gear and had to abort a landing in Singapore.

Apparently the captain (who had over 13,000 hours flying experience) became distracted by his bleeping phone somewhere between 2500 and 2000 feet and was trying to turn it off.

Jetstar’s 220-seat Airbus A320 issues began when the co-pilot switched off the autopilot to make preparations to land.

The captain’s mobile phone started beeping with incoming text messages, distracting the pilot and then seemingly rendering him deaf to the co-pilot’s requests.

“Pilot distraction meant all the landing checklist items weren’t completed before the aircraft passed an altitude of 500 feet, at which point a go-around was required under our operating procedures,” said Jetstar’s Chief Pilot, Captain Mark Rindfleish.

A further piloting error occurred with the wrong flap setting during the ascent.

Jetstar has responded by saying they will be making changes to their checklist procedure!

Great! That makes us feel a whole lot better!

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