How to read our relocation listings

Not too sure how our relocation listings work?  Maybe you’re just looking for more information but don’t know where to click! Here’s your full guide on reading our relocation listings and everything you need to know:

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Above you’ll see an image with sections that have been numbered. We’ve answered what these sections are and what they mean to you in the numbered points below corresponding to the numbers on the image…

1. Here you’ll find the general departure and arrival destinations in that order (from-to). If you’ve got a bunch of relocations open as tabs on your browser, this will help you keep track of which one you’re currently viewing.

2. View the relocation car you’ll be driving and a map of a route between the departure and arrival destinations. Very handy for planning your trip and preparing for your vehicle.

number 2 APHOTOS – Most relocations come with a view of the vehicle you’ll be requesting to drive. Many of our drivers use Transfercar to try out different vehicles so it’ll come  in handy to look at it, especially if you’re unfamiliar with that class or type of vehicle.

MAP – Quite simply a map: this is a view of a possible route between the departure and arrival destination of this relocation and can help you plan your trip. It usually shows the fastest route you can take so if you’re using Transfercar for getting from A to B it can be quite useful.

3. This pane shows you essential trip details through its multiple tabs. Click on the different tabs to view more info :

number 3 ATRIP – Basic details of what is included in the relocation can be found here.

Find out exactly where you’ll be picking up and dropping off the car you’ll be driving.

number 3 B


VEHICLE – View important details about the car you’ll be driving, including how many people the vehicle can take and the fuel type it uses.

number 3 C


POLICY – Here is a list of things you’ll need in order to apply for the relocation and what you’ll need to do in special circumstances, like cancelling the booking.


4. It’s important to know how active and reliable the rental car company is, so we’ve got some handy statistics in this box for you. It’ll show you how long it generally takes for relocating companies like New Zealand Van Lines Ltd to get in touch with you after you request a booking and how often they reply.

5. Finally, now you know all about the relocation you’re looking at and you can comfortably say you want to request to be the driver! We have an easy booking system where you select the days you want to have the car for on a visual calendar. The first date you pick will automatically fill in the number of free days you can drive the car. It will also show you the date they want the car relocated and will restrict you from booking beyond that time and causing confusion. You can also choose here to request relocating the car for a SHORTER period of time if you feel you can reach the relocation destination quicker.

HINT: Sometimes the first and last day of relocation are not in fact full days. You will have to speak with the rental car company when they reply to your booking request to confirm pick up and drop off times on each day.


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