How to Survive a Transfercar Road Trip as a Parent

For most people who have reached a certain age, the idea of a road trip is an image of a perfectly happy family having the time of their life traversing the country, discovering new places and experiences, learning about each other and forgetting about their worries.

Thanks to Transfercar, it is now possible for families who may not be “vehicularly well-equipped” to also enjoy road trips in cars and campervans that they would otherwise be unable to afford. This free rental car setup also enhances the road trip with an added layer of adventure, making it a truly unique family experience.

In reality, however, road trips are a much more erratic affair which can take its toll on everyone, parents in particular. I have had a ton of experience as a road trip participant, first as one of the children, but in the last few years also in the capacity of The Dad….Here are my tips:

Research Beforehand

The idea of a road trip that you undertake out of the blue may seem like an adventurous and exciting one, but in reality you are only inviting misery. If you just take off, it is far more likely than not that you are going to encounter nothing but boredom, sprinkled by occasional moments of panic.

You probably already have a route in mind and you should research it in depth before heading out. This will include finding the sights to see and experiences to be had. When doing this, you should keep in mind who you are traveling with. If your children are your average 10 or 15-year olds, a visit to a furniture manufacturer or a typewriter museum might not be the best idea. Stick with stuff that you know children love.

You might also want to make your road trip a teaching experience, both when it comes to the area you will be traveling through and when it comes to cars and driving. Children can learn plenty about cars and proper ways of taking long journeys on a road trip. Of course, if your own expertise is somewhat limited, there are always places where you can learn. This blog, for instance, is great for learning about repairs, this one is a fantastic one if you have daughters who might want to learn about cars from women’s perspective and this blog will teach you all there is about tyres. There is really no shortage of info out there.

Do not Overdo It

It is very easy to overdo it once you start planning your road trip. Many of us have those “tendencies”, so to say, to turn into scheduling monsters that cannot be contained and that are able to ruin even the most pleasurable of trips with their itineraries, their programme and immovability. It is absolutely essential that you do not turn into one of those monsters.

One of the best ways to avoid this is to be attentive of clues that will be all around you. If you keep hearing the sighs of your children in the back seat because the next bathroom break is not due for another 60 minutes, you are becoming the monster!

A road trip should be a pleasurable experience and you need to remember to be Zen from time to time. The planet will not fall off its axis if you miss a spot along your route or if the night catches you 13 kilometres sooner than you expected.

Relax. Enjoy time with your family.

Enjoying your Free Rental Car

If you decide to take advantage of Transfercar to find a vehicle for your family road trip, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. For example, it is going to be a one-way trip, so it might be a good idea to try and coordinate the free cars in a way that your family does not have to wait for days at your end destination before you can all drive back. The good news is that many people do these back-to-back bookings with Transfercar and it should not be a problem.

Another good idea would be to apply for a few vehicles in both your starting and your return destination so that you maximize the chances of landing the best possible vehicle at the best possible time. Also, depending on the size of your family, you will want to ensure that the car is going to be suitable for your road trip. After my previous experience I should say that now I think of renting a commercial passenger van, as we had so much stuff with us and too little space in the car.

Finally, keep one thing in mind, road trips are fun adventures and with Transfercar they just might become even more fun.


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AUTHOR: James D. Burbank is the editor-in-chief of a business-oriented blog BizzMarkBlog and a father of two. He has also been a huge road trip enthusiast his entire life. Oh yeah, he is also a huge Utah Jazz fan.

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