Coolest Australian Music Festivals in Autumn/Winter 2018

The summer might be over but that doesn’t mean that the party stops in the Land Down Under. Quite the contrary, with beautiful weather gracing the Aussie continent all year round (or most of the time), the opportunities are numerous for a festival road trip around the country. So pack your bags, round up your posse, and grab a free campervan because you’re going on a tour around Australia, experiencing the sights, sounds, and shivers of the best festivals Australia has to offer in the following months.

Wide Open Space, 4th to 6th of May

If dwelling into the heart of Australia was your dream, then you definitely shouldn’t miss this magical cultural experience taking place in NT this fall. The Wide Open Space Festival celebrates the beauty life itself, expressed through breathtaking natural vistas, various musical performers, uniquely Australian art, and timeless cultural heritage.

Accompanied by numerous workshops and panels, the three-day festival offers a comprehensive, engaging, and immersive experience that will cleanse your mind, liberate your soul, and allow you to let yourself go in the beauty of the present moment. So be sure to visit Ross River Resort, 80 kilometres outside Alice Springs this fall.

Groovin the Moo, April 27th to May 12th 

This one will take you across Australia, so get ready, as the festival takes place in Wayville (Adelaide), Maitland (outside Newcastle in NSW), Canberra, Bendigo (VIC), Townsville (QLD), and Bunbury (south of Perth). Groovin the Moo features national and international artists ranging in styles and genres, from R’n’B through electronic beats and house, to a mix of everything, so the festival has something for everyone. If you are looking to have an amazing time listening to the energetic, irresistible beats, don’t skip the festival’s headliners such Cosmo’s Midnight, Alex Lahey, Duke Dumont, and many more.

Big Pineapple Music Festival, 26th of May

Less than an hour and a half car ride north of Brisbane is Sunshine Coast, the host of a truly magical one-day camping even known as the Big Pineapple Music Festival, gathering artists from around the country and beyond. This is another one for all of you nature lovers out there looking to chillax in pristine tree-lined surroundings while listening to the innovative beats from numerous performers ranging from energetic and wild all the way to “chill, dude” type of laid-back. The friendly atmosphere radiating from performers and crowds alike will make you wish the day (and night) would never end.

Happy Daze Festival, 1st to 3rd of June

Defined as so much more than a music event, the Happy Daze Festival is a cultural experience celebrating art and mindful living. This is not just a place where you want to party all night long, this is the place where you also are to grow, learn, connect with yourself and others, and leave as a better earthling.

Along with numerous concerts, you can enjoy art installations, various mindful workshops, and a myriad of activities on a daily basis. Some of the headliners this year will be The Strides, Fat Picnic, Talpa, Mickey Space, and many more, so be sure to grab your tickets while they’re still available.

Splendour in the Grass, 20th to 22nd of July

Held in the North Byron Parklands, Splendour in the Grass is one of Australia’s biggest festivals and an established host of top-line performers hailing from across the globe. This is the festival you don’t want to miss this season, as some of the biggest stars in the music industry such as Kendrick Lamar and Lorde will be gracing the stage. But great music is not the only thing this world-renowned festival has to offer, as you can visit the science tent, enjoy a good laugh at the Splendour comedy club, and enjoy a myriad of other activities that will leave you yearning for more when the time comes to pack your bags!

When the summer ends, so does the partying, at least for the rest of the world – but not in the Land Down Under. Actually, the party is just about to begin, so be sure to grab your tickets in time, plan your route, and take a free transfer car in order to live out a cultural adventure of a lifetime across beautiful Australia.



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