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Tourism NZ tells Aussies “what’s ours is yours”

“What’s ours is yours” is the latest advertising campaign currently running across the ditch in a bid to entice Australian holiday makers. It is a joint campaign between Tourism New Zealand and Pacific Blue will see Australians offered discounted airfares and travel packages through television and print advertising. Read the full story: TV3...Read More

Your guide to travelling on a budget

Even on a limited budget, you can still have a great holiday with your friends or family. You just need to put a little extra thought into every dollar you plan to spend. Here’s some tips that can guide you while planning a vacation without breaking the bank. Go on a local holiday Why not check out some of the local attractions. Sometimes some of the most beautiful places are right in your back yard. You don’t always need to go and book expensive plane tickets. First, there’s always this...Read More

New Zealand Interislander Ferry Times

Here’s a basic Interislander timetable for those needing to cross the Cook Strait (between Picton and Wellington) in their Transfercar relocation cars and campervans! Wellington to Picton Timetable for Wellington to Picton Depart Wellington Arrive Picton 2:25am – 5:35am 8:25am – 11:35am 10:25am* – 1:35pm* 2:05pm – 5:15pm 6:25pm – 9:25pm Picton to Wellington Timetable for Picton to Wellington Depart Picton Arrive Wellington 6:25am – 9:35am 10:05am –...Read More

Car Rental Company Invests $25M in Tourism Growth

Apex Car Rentals, one of New Zealand’s largest rental car companies has recently announced a $25 million fleet expansion. Part of the fleet growth for this season with include the addition of an extra 1200 cars. 700 of these will be new 2010 model Toyota Corollas and Toyota Previas. The new cars started arriving from 28 September. Apex has had a stellar growth path over the last 20 years, growing from a solely Christchurch based company with six cars in 1992, to a nationwide company with over 4000...Read More

On the road

My name is Brian and I am one of the founders of Transfercar. I have written this article series to help people who are thinking of relocating a car, camper van or motorhome for the first time via Transfercar. This is the third and last article. The first part in this series explains what a relocation car is on what it means to be a relocation driver, and the second article explains how to find and book a relocation. On the road Day 1, our flight was scheduled to 6.40 am and we arrived Chrichchurch on time...Read More

Beta Beta BEST!

So we’re LIVE! After a very productive beta testing – we’re finally ready to “Hello World”! A BIG thank you to all the beta testers who helped with squashing all our bugs out, you hold a special place in our….carburetor...Read More