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The Strangest Overseas Driving Laws That Could Catch You Out

It’s hard enough trying to remember all the laws of your own country, let alone memorising those from overseas. When you’re next in any of these countries, make a note of these driving laws which could catch you out. Don’t stop for pedestrians – China Kicking it off with a doozy, this Chinese law actively encourages you to continue forwards, even if you see a pedestrian coming. You should obviously be very careful and drive safe no matter what the rules are. If you need legal advice regarding personal...Read More

US Green Travel: Hot Spots

As the environment is becoming more vindictive than ever before, the main task of each and every one of us is to do their best and try to sooth nature by opting for green travel destinations. The USA offers hundreds of households, parks and other facilities that identify themselves as eco-friendly destinations. The main features of this type of tourism are low carbon footprint, minimal energy consumption and accommodation facilities that are in accordance with eco-friendly regulations. Bay Area One of the...Read More

How to Survive a Transfercar Road Trip as a Parent

For most people who have reached a certain age, the idea of a road trip is an image of a perfectly happy family having the time of their life traversing the country, discovering new places and experiences, learning about each other and forgetting about their worries. Thanks to Transfercar, it is now possible for families who may not be “vehicularly well-equipped” to also enjoy road trips in cars and campervans that they would otherwise be unable to afford. This free rental car setup also enhances...Read More

Transfercar for Dummies: Learn to Relocate like a Pro

Long gone are the days when being accepted for a car relocation was just pure luck. When Transfercar started its operations back in 2008, we only had a handful of vehicles that needed to be relocated each month. Now we’re talking thousands,  so there is definitely an opportunity for you to find the right car or camper relocation, but it all starts with a bit of planning and an understanding of how Transfercar works. So we’ve decided, to start the year, to help you to make the most of our...Read More

The Future of Car Travel

”Driving a vehicle is too dangerous for humans and will be outlawed when autonomous cars are proven to be safer”, claims Elon Musk, billionaire founder of electric car company Tesla. Despite the hype about driverless vehicles,  experts say that it would take 20 to 30 years before they could co-exist with existing vehicles in cities. However it is predicted that technology will take over from drivers in simpler situations such as traffic jams and parking within the next five years. Yes, in...Read More

Campers, motorhomes, high-tops… the rental jargon explained!

Australia and New Zealand have pretty much the same kinds of campers and motorhomes as anywhere else overseas. However, depending on where you intend to travel and what you need from your relocation , it’s a good idea to know what each type of vehicle looks like and what extras they come with. Before we start, here’s a little glossary of terms or rental jargon that will help you out. Also if you are still looking for a place to rent a truck visit Rentco. Berth: for example 2 berth. The berth...Read More