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AAA picks 10 best new vehicle technologies, thinks green

Green Auto Blog….. It’s no secret that automobiles get more technologically advanced every passing year. A good deal of these vehicular innovations have a lot to do with saving gas, reducing emissions, and, more recently, teaching the driver to pilot the vehicle in a more efficient manner. If you feel like you need help in choosing which bits of techno-geekery are the best, AAA...Read More

Jayride Teams Up with Dunedin City Council in Carpooling Initiative

Jayride, one of New Zealand’s fastest growing car pooling initiatives has just announced it has teamed up with the Dunedin City Council to promote carpooling for the city, starting with Otago Polytechnic and Otago University. This is a fantastic start to what we hope is a growing trend amongst city councils nationwide and even better, worldwide. Carpooling, for those of you who...Read More

Mini relocation holidays: The new way to travel

Often relocations (as they are called in New Zealand) or standbys (as they are often called in Australia), are seen as short term travel options that get you from A to B far cheaper than taking on a regular rental deal. Over the past few months I’ve begun to see the relocating trend change. As the recession has passed and people have become more budget conscious, transferring vehicles have...Read More

Carpooling at a whole new level.

Who would have thought that the humble carpooling idea would emerge into a fully fledged, environmentally conscious transportation alternative. Meet Jayride: the website that allows vehicle owners to put their spare seats up for rent. Well not so much as rent but short term lease. With its humble beginnings in Auckland, New Zealand some 2 short years ago, Jayride is now the place to go to find...Read More

Scariest campsite ever!

Here I was looking at an article about the The Death Race (which is part of a circuit of obstacle-course competitions in the US, Canada and the UK known as Spartan Races), thinking, man what a bunch of sadistic people we humans are and also remembering the movie Death Race and Blade Runner and thinking how close we are getting to these movies…OK tangent now… when I saw a link that...Read More

Don’t cancel trips to Christchurch: officials

Tourism officials in Christchurch have urged travellers to not let last week’s earthquake deter visits to the area. In a statement Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism chief executive Tim Hunter reassured travellers that the damage from the quake last week did not affect buildings or operations in the city’s eastern suburbs. Read the full article at Travel...Read More