Transfercar Relocation Stories | Jaran, Burleigh Heads

We’re always amazed and excited by the stories we hear from your relocations that we just HAD to capture them in some way! Ideas have been flying for a while now and we’ve come up with the Transfercar Relocation Stories videos. Out of all the stories we receive we’ll be selecting a few to transform into videos for you to view. See the sights, routes and experiences that others have had with Transfercar and you might get a great idea for your next trip.

Our first relocation story is that of Jaran from Burleigh Heads, Queensland Australia. He traveled between the Gold Coast and Sydney during a camper van relocation with us and managed to capture some stunning footage with his GoPro camera.

Jaran: “We jumped in [the camper van] and the adventure started”… “It’s just the ability to be on the road, stop wherever you please”…”It was an amazing experience”

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