Features of Transfercar: Your Relocation Alerts

Since re-launching our website we’ve reviewed the features and improved things to make it simpler for you to use. With that in mind we’re feeling the need to share the best features with you to help you get the most of your Transfercar online account!

How to get Hire Car Relocation Alerts

Want to keep up to date with relocations as they get listed each day? Maybe you just want to keep your eye on a particular route? Your relocation alerts under account settings do JUST that!

Your Account Settings in Transfercar

Your Account Settings in Transfercar

The picture above shows your account settings, and includes options to get alerts on new relocation listings with Transfercar. As soon as you tick the box next to “Notification of new relocations added” you get one of two options:

  • Daily summary of new vehicles listed: with this option you’re emailed a list of all the new relocations for your selected country EVERY DAY. If you’re an avid traveller or just want ideas for your next trip this option is great for keeping you up to date.
  • Instant notifications of new vehicles on specified routes: this choice allows you to receive real time updates on new vehicles being listed for a particular route in your selected country.

Using  Relocation Alerts ensures you will be among the first to request a relocation as it comes up and gives you a better chance of securing the relocation of your choice.

Relocation alert options for Transfercar.

Relocation alert options.

Once your alert choice is selected you simply have to click which country and / or route you want to watch and you’re all set!

Select your route and the notifications will pour into your Transfercar account.

Select your route and the notifications will pour in.

Cancel Alerts

Finally found your dream relocation? Return to your account settings page and un-tick “Notification of new relocations added” to stop receiving updates.

It’s simple, effective and could mean the difference to getting you where you want to go – free.


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