Destination Australia: Coober Pedy, “The Opal Capital of the World”

Things looking dull in the city? Or maybe you’re looking for somewhere stunning as you visit Australia? The opal city of the world, located in the Australian Outback, is sure to brighten up your life.

Coober Pedy’s shining history

In the early 1900s a team in search for gold came across something more extraordinary. While wandering in the painted desert looking for water they stumbled upon traces of Opal. Reacting quickly and laying claim to the area, the Stuart Range Opal Field was constructed. Before the great depression of the late 1930s the area was renamed Coober Pedy, and since then saw a slew of ups and downs. Both in the 1940s and 1960s the Opal industry boomed dramatically, bringing Coober Pedy back from the brink of being wiped out.

Now you can explore this fascinating Opal themed town, making the most of their underground homes which were used to survive the harsh desert conditions.

Heading down under…ground!

Books & Goanna Land – Outback maps, books, guides and postcards can be found underground at the B&G Land store. Take something home to remember the underground experience by.
Art Gallery –  A collection of Australia’s finest artists have works at the underground gallery at Coober Pedy.
Faye’s Underground Home – Enjoy the snug and beautiful underground houses that Coober Pedy residents take shelter in. You’ll be surprised at how magnificent a subterranean home can be.
Crocodile Harry’s Underground Nest – See how the fame of Coober Pedy passed his days by visiting his home. Now passed, Crocodile Harry was notorious for having a wacky underground abode and even wackier personality. His home is filled with hoarded wears that are sure to make you smile, like his various sculptures of people in odd poses.

So if you’re looking for somewhere a little bit precious or you want to experience life underground, Coober Pedy is an outback experience you’ll not want to pass up.

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