How to Plan a Relaxing Weekend in Melbourne

Although the first association that comes to mind when you think of Melbourne probably isn’t relaxation, this glorious city hides a whole range of Zen-boosting events and experiences for any avid traveller as well as its charming residents. Then again, even if you’re a local whose hectic life rarely allows you to rest and recuperate, perhaps a chilled weekend is exactly what you need.

Here’s a foolproof weekend itinerary for every Melbourne lover out there, to make the most of your brief chunk of time dedicated only to blissful unwinding and pampering Aussies are famous for.

The nature buzz

Located in the appropriately named Birdwood Avenue in Melbourne, the Royal Botanical Gardens are a perfect soothing oasis that will keep you far from the concrete rush and sweltering heat. If you’re a true foodie, then you can set up a picnic and spend an entire afternoon in the shade of a tree or next to the Ornamental Lake, surrounded by your favourite munchies and refreshments.

An outdoors yoga or Tai-chi session, a stroll around the park or just a few hours of reading in the presence of cheerful bird chirps and the friendly Aussies mingling and giggling, and your depleted energy will be replenished as if you spent a whole month in an exotic retreat.

Float your worries away


Ever heard of the gravity-free flotation method? Well, it’s high time you gave it a go! Once you step inside the floating pod and immerse yourself into the healing Epsom salts, the weightless state of silence and serenity will cleanse your entire being.

The Gravity Floatation Centre offers a unique relaxing experience of sensory deprivation that helps distance yourself from the constant overload of input from the outside world. All the noises, tactile sensations and the feeling of weight will dissolve as you spend some time in the restorative essential minerals that will help your body and your mind restore their natural balance.

The wonders of a massage

You need a pampering, healing session, but you simply have no energy to get out of your home or your hotel? Create a perfect little indoor Eden with the help of soothing fragrances, dimmed lights and comfortable clothes. To top everything off, scheduling a home massage in Melbourne is just a few clicks away.

This way, you can stay in the comfort of your own home and bring the luxurious pampering treatment to your doorstep – from Swedish relaxation methods, deep tissue massage, and all the way to pregnancy-friendly techniques, feel free to take your pick. You can also get a Daiwa legacy massage chair to relax in. They are all designed to keep you relaxed, stress-free and happy, as if you had a week-long spa vacation in Bali.

A culture boost

annie-spratt-253796After you’ve had your dosage of pampering and relaxing, you can continue your slow-paced weekend by visiting the Centre for Contemporary Photography in George Street, and spend a few hours in quiet contemplation while admiring its versatile exhibition.

The four galleries will give you a history lesson, fun facts on the art of photography, some interesting photography courses, and a unique insight into the contemporary Australian as well as international works of art that have found their place in the Centre. The fifth gallery, the Night Projection Window, is dedicated to evening viewing of both new and established photographers’ works.

Make the most of your limited weekend time to recover from your weekly rush and sneak a peek into some of Melbourne’s most Zen corners that will completely restore your energy and help you prepare for the next round of challenges!

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