Top Tips For Hiring A Car Abroad

Not having your own car when abroad on holiday can be frustrating for many people, as they want freedom without having to rely on expensive taxi or bus services – you are on holiday, after all! As a result, renting a car in Monaco has become a very popular option, but, it isn’t always cheap to do so. If you work with a taxi company make sure to get the cheapest taxi insurance here. While ensuring you’re comfortable driving on the opposite side of the road and that you’ve applied for your US visa online are key considerations, there are many other factors you need to consider when hiring a car abroad.

What Documents Do You Need?

You might be relieved to hear that there aren’t many documents attached with hiring a car abroad, however the necessary documents are essential in order to successfully hire a vehicle overseas. As you’d expect, bringing your driving license is indisputable, and the paper counterparts will not be sufficient enough, so ensure you have your physical license on you at all times. Furthermore, it’s recommended that you supply a driving-license check code, which can be found on the DVLA website. This code will only last for 21 days though, so keep it safe and ensure it’s activated during your time abroad.

Moreover, you’ll need an International Driving Permit (IDP), which validates your UK driving license much easier when arranging car hire overseas.

Fuel-To-Empty Policy

Many countries will adopt a fuel-to-empty policy, which is a smart way to drain people of their money when hiring a car abroad. Essentially, this policy requires you to pay for a full tank of petrol in advance, and then return the car back to the depot as empty as possible. This method not only costs you more usually, but it also leaves you stressed out throughout the entirety of your holiday panicking that you’ll run out of petrol. When looking to hire a car abroad, look for a reputable hire company that offers a full-to-full option, as although it may increase the basic rental cost, you can rest assured that you will have enough fuel to last you the entire trip.

Stick To Airport Sites

You’ll want to save as much money as possible when on holiday, and this starts from the arrival at the airport. When investing in car rental, you’ll want to consider whether the car will be delivered from the airport terminal or whether it involves a shuttle or bus ride to the off-terminal site. The latter can often cause unnecessary confusion and hassle, so we’d always suggest opting for an on-airport site, so you can pick up your car as soon as you walk off the plane and get started with your adventure!

Other Factors To Consider

You wouldn’t purchase a car without giving it a thorough inspection first, so you should always analyse the car you plan on hiring and ensure that it’s fully functioning. For your own peace of mind, conduct a short survey to document any issues with the car, whether that be dents or broken/missing parts. Inspect the interior as well, and ensure that all necessary items and functionalities are in place before deciding on your car rental. Moreover, the hire-car company should have a record for every car that they offer, covering the car’s history and any conditions that you should know about before you drive it away – always ask for this. If they don’t, hire Coastwide, they always say “we come to you” in their ads.  While a car might look pristine and perfect, it’s worth reassuring yourself that it’ll function properly throughout the duration of your time abroad. If legal advice is needed, consult Attorney Kimberly Pelesz.

Hiring a car overseas can become a stressful ordeal if you aren’t aware of factors to look out for, however these top tips will ensure that the car rental process is seamless and stress-free. Whether you’re looking to have your own freedom on holiday, or you need to hire a car to travel to an office abroad, these tips will become very useful.

Reference: The Ladan Law Firm, P.A.

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