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Thing to do in NYC

post by: Jessica Festa Need help planning your New York City itinerary? Look no further, as we’ve gathered some top Big Apple experiences featuring both well and lesser-known attractions. The following recommendations are provided by native New Yorker Jessica Festa, who also blogs regularly about NYC and beyond on her websites, Jessie on a Journey (http://jessieonajourney.com) and Epicure & Culture (http://epicureandculture.com). The following experiences will help you have a memorable trip while seeing...Read More

Fantasy Trip #1: Backpacking through Australia

The idea of backpacking through Australia is enough to get me saying: Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi! Oi! Oi! But man, this country is big. Where do you even start when planning a trip through OZ? We’ve compiled some easy steps and if you listen to us, everything’s gonna be fair dinkum. Planes, Trains and Automobiles First, if you’re not already there, buy a ticket. And then hand the rest over to us! There is no better way to see Australia on your own terms than by car but it can be expensive. With Transfercar,...Read More

Where do you stay when you relocate with Transfercar?

People who drive with Transfercar come from all walks of life and relocate with us for a huge number of reasons. In our 2013 survey we asked you for stories from your relocations with us and found you liked staying at a number of places in a number of different ways… Some of you decide to sleep on the go inside one of our camper-vans “We used Melbourne cup weekend to have a minibreak to new zealand and transfered a camper from christchurch to auckland the weather was miserable but we had a great...Read More

Fun things to do when camping in the rain

As winter creeps up on us, the sun shines a little less and the rain falls a little more. This is fine if you are snuggled up in a nice warm house, but what if you’re camping or in a campervan or motorhome? Not always so much fun, especially with children on board. You can stay warm on cold camping trips with the right portable heater. It’s not all that bad though, especially if you have a few winter ideas up your sleeve and some extra coins in your pocket from the savings of travelling in a free...Read More

What do Transfercar’s free 2 berth 4WD campervans look like?

So our last blog explained the general layout of the free 2 berth high and low-top campervan rentals on Transfercar New Zealand and Australia. Now we look at the 2 berth 4WD campers that are often found travelling to, from and along the Australian outback. Before we take a look, here are a couple of things to note: Pretty much 90% of 2 berth campervans (4WDs or otherwise) will not support children under 8 years old or who are unable to legally sit in a belted seat by themselves. Fuel consumption on four wheel...Read More