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Transfercar continues to increase in popularity

The Transfercar website continues to increase in popularity, much thanks to your increased number of links to us. Transfercar website traffic increased In January we increased visitors with over 10%. The number of rental car relocations increased even more, which indicates that the function changes we made in December (more information on each rental car relocation listing, individual rental car company terms & conditions) have worked. Transfercar relocated 33% more rental cars and campers in Januray than...Read More

New and Improved site

Here at Transfercar we would like to make your visit to and use of our site a breeze. So from Monday the 1st of December on you will find a couple of new features implemented on the Transfercar site. For example, there will be more relevant details on hand of the available rentals. As you know, the allowed amount of km’s and days was already specified with your free rental. However, to find out more about the vehicle you had to request it and then find out afterwards. But times have changed! Now...Read More

The eclipse of human behaviour

Slowely but surely ‘it’ is coming- and New Zealand won’t be far off I bet. From fingerprint identification that is. Your thumb -or any finger on your two lovely hands for that matter- will be your most precious asset when renting a car or campervan in the near future. Visit the site of national pardon to get more insight on the process of using fingerprints to trace criminal acrtivities. Yup, it looks like we have finally arrived in the era where your authorising signature -and with that...Read More

Rental Road Rage

It happens to the best of us. Everybody has had at some stage in their life a mild or-in my case- a severe case of road rage overcoming them. Especially in summertime. People are hot and bothered in summertime. Things get untidy when people are hot and bothered. And I admit- I’m guilty as hell. I bet you too. In the silence of your car- or perhaps out loud with lots of certain ‘finger activity’ and flickering headlights if you’re really over it- abusing our rental-car-road-users-from-...Read More

The end of an era

From today, Air New Zealand domestic travellers will be able to check themselves in. And I mean completely and fully from you arriving with all your family in tow at the airport, to actually boarding the aircraft after mouthwatering over all those nice unaffordable goodies in the shops. You will be able to do what those lovely ground stewardesses use to do for you: Weigh your luggage, give you the snobby “I’m sorry m’am but your luggage is too heavy” spiel, check the luggage in anyway...Read More

When it is actually ok to use a tourist bus

Regardless of what form of transport you use in New Zealand, there will always be areas where you can’t bike or drive a motorised vehicle. There is simply no other option than to hoof it. And that’s ok. Take for example the Coromandel; it’s not possible to drive the full circle around the top of this peninsula. To the west from Coromandel Town the road heads North through Colville, along the Hauraki Gulf, and stops just past Port Jackson. To the east it curls its way up the Pacific coast to...Read More