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Wallet-friendly ways to explore Adelaide’s Culture

Adelaide is slowly but steadily becoming one of those cities that world travellers put on their maps as a must-see place, and rightfully so, as it’s beautiful architecture, vibrant lifestyle and breathtaking natural scenery make it one of the best spring escapades you can make in the Land Down Under. And if you don’t have excessive amounts of money on you disposal – don’t worry,...Read More
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Opera in Da House: Why the Sydney Opera House is Better than You

So, I hear you think you’re pretty great, huh? Being the best you can be. Do you think you’re anywhere near as awesome as Sydney Opera House? I’m here to show you how you’re not in 10 points. Buckle up. 10. At Sydney Opera House, 1,600 performances happen every year. And it’s not just operas, but ballets, plays, pop music, symphonies, comedy, contemporary dance, and musical...Read More

Survey Winner Gives $500 Prize to Charity

Our 2013 Transfercar survey also put respondents into the draw to with a $500 Amazon gift card, and we hit the winner jackpot. John Haurua – winner from New Zealand We called up John to inform him of his prize and his reply was incredibly heartwarming. John will be donating his prize to the less fortunate this Christmas including charities like the Auckland City Mission. We also asked...Read More

Transfercar 2013 Driver Survey – Results

Thank you to all the participants who answered our recent Transfercar customer survey! We got an enormous number of responses and we’ve enjoyed going through all the wonderful stories you sent about your adventures while relocating with Transfercar. Our questions covered 3 main areas: Who drives with us Why you drive with us How you drive with us What you’d like to...Read More

Londoners get a taste of Air New Zealand’s “Cuddle Class”

Londoners were invited to test the new Economy Skycouch, first launched on Air New Zealand’s daily B777-300 Auckland – Los Angeles – London service in 2011. Set up in the back of a stylish, black and clear sided truck, the Skycouch road show allowed Londoners to experience first-hand what the award-winning seating looked and felt like. The Skycouch, affectionately known as...Read More

Bloggers Retained as Social Media Strategists for the U.N. Global Sustainable Tourism Council

April 11, 2012 by Ethan Gelber | What what would happen if the power of tourism were better harnessed as a force for positive change in the world? A question that’s been asked for decades, it has found far-reaching echo in a strategic coalition of vocal advocates under the United Nations umbrella. And now it’s got a social media strategy too. Read more at If you want...Read More