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Social Seating Is Not For All, But It Works For Some

Airlines have been experimenting with social seating recently, but how successful is it? The idea that you could use social media to meet people while on a flight, seems to provoke extreme reactions, people either love the idea or hate it. A number of airlines, like Lufthansa, Air France and Virgin Atlantic, have experimented with social media applications for their passengers in recent years, with some creating closed social networks for their frequent flyers, but the rapid technical development of the ...Read More

Small updates to the site

I have made some updates to the site today. Mostly cosmetic changes here and there to make the site more usable. However on the front page there are some new stuff; A link and a signup button to our Facebook page. A link to our Twitter page A video presentation of Transfercar on YouTube. Will be back to make it all look a bit cleaner in the near future...Read More

Vote for Transfercar on Facebook

Transfercar needs your support! Install the app at http://apps.facebook.com/kick-start/ and vote for Transfercar at the “Kick-start. [network:StartUP] is a global community designed to assist online Start-UPs. Every week they will be sending their entire group of thousands of visitors to one lucky Start-UP (Transfercar) and provide a major traffic spike and hopefully a lot of new users. You can help Transfercar by voting for them at Start-UP with on their Kick-Start my Start-UP Facebook App. So install...Read More