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Small updates to the site

I have made some updates to the site today. Mostly cosmetic changes here and there to make the site more usable. However on the front page there are some new stuff; A link and a signup button to our Facebook page. A link to our Twitter page A video presentation of Transfercar on YouTube. Will be back to make it all look a bit cleaner in the near future...Read More

IE6 users given the message to upgrade or change

[person:Francois Bondiguel], founder of [business:PocketSmith] pointed out on his twitter page yesterday that Norwegian websites have started a war to combat users of the browser of Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). This immediately caught my attention. For one, I myself is Norwegian 🙂 But more importantly is the extra work that IE6 causes web developers around the world, also here at Transfercar. IE6 was launched in 2001 when the web was very different from what it is now. Also IE6 never complied properly with...Read More