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About the journey

The 600 mile journey from Auckland to Christchurch takes around fifteen hours to complete, and offers travellers many exciting stop offs. The route offers scenic views of coastal and mountainous surroundings, and tourists will have the opportunity to visit the twelve kilometre long Franz Josef Glacier, which begins in the Southern Alps and ends in a temperate rainforest. The journey will also take travellers across the Cook Strait by ferry. This crossing, from Wellington to Picton, offers stunning views of the Kaikora Ranges and Oteranga Bay. Travellers will also have the chance to visit Dunedin’s chocolate factory, as well as experience the cosmopolitan capital city of New Zealand, Wellington city.

List of relocations from Auckland to Christchurch

Auckland Airport to Christchurch Airport

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Dates 1 Jun - 19 Jun
cars left 17 left

Auckland Airport to Christchurch Airport

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Van Compact
Dates 1 Jun - 19 Jun
cars left 5 left

Auckland Airport to Christchurch Airport

Van $5 4 days
Dates 27 May - 7 Jun
cars left 2 left

Auckland Airport to Christchurch Airport

Aa686e54783b272113fc9347ca2bd594bf18c9aa Free 5 days
Van Compact
Dates 25 May - 5 Jun
cars left 4 left - Requested by 1 person

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About relocations

Transfercar's relocations are free to drive rental cars and campervans that need to be moved between specific locations and are available between set dates. Often vehicles will come with free petrol, insurance and extras such as ferry crossings with many offering additional days that can be purchased at a discounted rate. If you are interested in relocating a free car or campervan, check out our video on how to book a vehicle and go ahead and request one today!

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