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About the journey

The journey from Christchurch to Greymouth takes travellers from the east coast to the west coast of South Island. The journey is approximately 150 miles long and should take most people between three and four hours to complete. The route takes tourists through the heart of the Southern Alps and gives them the opportunity to take in some unique views. During the winter months, the village of Arthur’s Pass is a fantastic location for skiing and snowboarding, whilst in the summer it offers fantastic hiking trails. The town of Greymouth itself has many locations of interest, such as the World War II gun emplacement and Monteith’s Brewery.

Relocations from Christchurch to Greymouth

Christchurch Airport to Greymouth

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Other vehicle
Dates 5 Jan - 31 Jan
cars left 5 left

Christchurch Airport to Greymouth

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Other vehicle
Dates 9 Jan - 16 Jan
cars left 10 left

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